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Conditional Mapping in TIBCO Scribe®

Last updated:
5:37pm Feb 26, 2020

Conditional Mapping in TIBCO Scribe®

This workshop ran on November 26, 2019. Please see the resources section for a recording of the workshop and links to the tutorial.


In this workshop you'll learn about a new feature in TIBCO Scribe - conditional field mapping, which allows you to control whether or not a field is written to a target datastore. This feature includes a new function in the core, as well as several new options in the target field. We'll make a recording available after it's finished, as well as the slides.

See the main workshop page for other sessions.


  1. TCI account with admin access
  2. Test data stores to use as a source and target


  1. Background
  2. Concepts
    • Similar to a function with variable number of arguments
    • Conditoinal function formula
    • Skip if NULL
    • Skip if field doesn't exist
  3. Setup
  4. Examples


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