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What's new in TIBCO® Streaming

Last updated:
7:39am Sep 09, 2020

TIBCO® Streaming 10.6.1

  • This is a very significant release because it marks the first Long Term Supported release of TIBCO Streaming. 

  • 10.6.1 introduces a preview edition of the TIBCO Streaming Web Administration Interface. This web-based application offers secure cluster management and configuration convenience from one location, including:
    • Dynamic service discovery
    • Hierarchical views of clusters, with the option to drill down to the specified managed entity.
    • Node lifecycle management, including node install/stop/start/removal.
    • Application lifecycle management.
    • Logging management.
    • Security management
  • We have 3 new operators in the product now.
    • The Data Point To Schema Operator, which is used to convert text-based name field value pairs into named schemas.
    • The Field Gather Operator is used to gather fields of the input tuple over various styles of output types such as over time or by selected values.
    • The Matrix Operator is used to gather tuples over various styles of output types such as over time or by selected values.
  • New Adapter Suite for JMX

  • The JDBC operator now provides the option to integrate each JDBC transaction with StreamBase Runtime transaction processing, such that the JDBC transaction commits or rolls back when the Runtime transaction commits or rolls back.

For more detailed information about what’s new in this release, please see TIBCO Docs.

Download it from eDelivery.

TIBCO® Streaming 10.6.0

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of TIBCO Streaming 10.6. This is a major release with some cool new features, here are the highlights - 

To better integrate TIBCO Streaming applications in Cloud environments, release 10.6.0 introduces support for industry-standard Kubernetes as an alternative discovery service and Docker container deployment manager. This release also adds support for Helm as a package manager for Kubernetes configurations.

10.6 brings some exciting new studio usability enhancements - 

  • dark theme in Studio
  • new LiveView perspective - automatic and convenient way to view the tables of one or more running LiveView fragments, and to perform queries against them
  • searchable Operators and Adapters Drawer in the Palette view

Connectivity Wizard is improved for Kafka and TCM. It supports creating Kafka projects with basic and advanced authentication options. TCM wizard helps you with showing messages seen on the TCM channel, as well as a chooser for selecting fields of interest. In previous releases without the assisting dialog, you had to type a raw content matcher string into the Content Matcher text field, such as {"topic":"sales","department":"widgets"}.

10.6 release adds SMPP, Slack, ETP & HTTP Client in our Connectivity portfolio. 

  • SMPP adapter enables sending and receiving of short text messages (SMS) over the Internet. 
  • Slack adapter allows you to receive selected events from Slack in real time and send messages as users. 
  • ETP adapter allows users to interact with data from an ETP (Energistics Transfer Protocol) v1.1 server. 
  • HTTP Client Adapter performs HTTP requests and emits the contents via a Data output port. This adapter replaces the Web Reader Input adapter, which is now deprecated. 

With the new REST Management Interfaces, each running LiveView node now includes a web server that presents REST API web services that support node, engine, and table metrics queries. Also, the .NET Client API now supports- REST alert actions, using statements and listing current user permissions.

For more detailed information about what’s new in this release, please see TIBCO Docs.

Download it from eDelivery.

TIBCO® Streaming 10.5.0

This is a major release with some cool new features, here are the highlights - 

  • A new TensorFlow Adapter - will allow users to execute TensorFlow machine learning models in Streaming applications (in addition to R, H2O, Python & PMML type models). 
  • To make the developer’s experience easier, here are new Studio usability enhancements
    • Studio Resource Center - provides a hands-on walkthrough of “Getting Started with Streaming” and shows how to run a simple application
    • directly Import Samples and Community Content into Studio - TIBCO-supported samples installed locally or on GitHub, Community-contributed samples installed on GitHub. Please have a look at our new GitHub-based community -
    • New Expression Evaluator - allows experimenting with long or complex expression syntax without having to actually run the app.
  • REST Management Interfaces to support node administration functionality and node health queries.
  • Liveview Enhancements
    • cluster-wide alerting service to share alerts across LiveView servers
    • Liveview table trimming option - to set retention policies for maintaining table data
    • Row level security - support for restricting access to specified rows in LiveView tables for a given user
    • new action for LiveView alerts, which can call REST endpoints (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) when the alert triggers
  • New data source for Connectivity Wizard - TIBCO Cloud Messaging
  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8.
  • The Kafka Adapters now support connections to Microsoft Azure Event Hubs portals.
  • Decision Table operator was redesigned to improve load and execution time substantially.  Also, it’s now possible to exclude rule from output tuple, which can improve decision table loading time.

For more detailed information about Noteworthy Improvements in this release, please see TIBCO Docs -