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What's New in TIBCO® Spotfire Data Streams

Last updated:
6:48pm Sep 13, 2019

TIBCO® Spotfire Data Streams 10.4.4

The 10.4.4 release is service pack release with no new features for Spotfire Data Streams. There are performance improvements, resolved issues and deprecations described in more detail in the LiveView 10.4.4 Release Notes.

TIBCO® Spotfire Data Streams 10.4.3

The response to Spotfire’s real-time capability has been resoundingly positive. With the new Connectivity Wizard in 10.4.3, we have further simplified the user experience of bringing Streaming Data to Spotfire. It aims to offer a similar (if not same) experience of connecting to real-time sources to that of connecting to historical data sources like SQLServer, Oracle, etc.. The Connectivity Wizard is a highly curated experience walking through connecting to a streaming data source.

The first version of the Connectivity Wizard helps you connect to Apache Kafka, EMS/JMS, MQTT and CSV (FeedSim) sources. Please provide your feedback on what additional data sources you’d like to see in the Connectivity Wizard, through the Ideas portal.

Here is a video explaining how to connect streaming data to Spotfire using the Connectivity Wizard:

All new features of TIBCO® Spotfire are described on this page