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What's new in TIBCO LogLogic®

Last updated:
4:15am Aug 07, 2019

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TIBCO LogLogic® provides the industry's first enterprise class, end-to-end log management solution. Using LogLogic log management solutions, IT organizations can analyze and archive network log data for the purpose of compliance and legal protection, decision support for network security remediation, and increased network performance and improved availability.

TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence 6.3.0

Read more here.

TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence 6.2.1

Highlights of this release:

  • Hardware:
    • New H5 appliances with increased CPU and RAM (Check out the LX and ST datasheets for more details)
  • GDPR support:
    • CLI utility for selective deletion of data
  • TLS support for Oracle Audit JDBC collector
  • Advanced Features:
    • GUI updates to queries and enrichment lists
  • Developer enablement:
  • Health monitoring:
    • Monitor minimum disk and memory requirements during upgrades
    • New MIBs supported for monitoring

You can know more in the release notes here.

Additionally, following new log sources and devices are now supported out-of-the-box:

  • AWS CloudTrail
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing
  • KEPServer EX
  • TIBCO BusinessConnect™
  • TIBCO GridServer®
  • TIBCO Hawk® Agent

TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence 6.2.0

Highlights of this release:

  • Advanced Aggregation and Correlation 
  • New Advanced Dashboards and widgets:
    • System Status dashboard and Retention Policies dashboard
    • Data Grid, Heat Map, and TreeMap widgets
  • Expanded Advanced Search capabilities: 
    • A new queries page
    • View streaming queries
    • View queries that are currently running in the system or have completed
    • View TIBCO LogLogic common schema and taxonomy by using an infrastructure query
    • Schedule Advanced Search queries and have the reports sent as email attachments.
  • Support for Universal Lossless Data Protocol (ULDP) library to enable developer and 3rd party integration for sending data securely and reliably into LogLogic® LMI
  • JDBC connectivity for Advanced Search through the new JDBC Driver for Advanced Search
  • Expanded support for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance:
    • Option to configure encryption of raw log data in LogLogic® LMI
    • Secure TLS syslog connectivity for log transfer between log sources and LogLogic LMI.
    • The MySQL Client history log can be used in Advanced Search.
    • TLS v1.2 protocol is now supported for secure ULDP connections.
  • Support for log collection from HDFS and AWS S3 
  • Expanded support for TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance:
    • Back up, restore, and archive using Amazon Web Service (AWS) Elastic File System (EFS) to LogLogic® EVA in an AWS environment.
    • LogLogic EVA is now compatible with VMware ESXi® version 6.5.
    • New dynamic memory configuration for advanced nodes in LogLogic EVA

You can know more in the release notes here.

TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence 6.1.1

Highlights of this release:

  • Added support in TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance (EVA) for Amazon Web Services (AWS), for:
    • Backup and restore
    • Archiving
    • TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Manager
  • Enhanced the Advanced Search:
    • Performance optimizations in the user interface
    • HTTPS support for the Advanced Features REST API
    • A new infrastructure query for the amount of logs collected and indexed
    • Backend optimizations
  • Added the ability to automatically remove LMI Active Directory (AD) users when their accounts are removed from AD
  • Added the ability to archive by both time and size
  • Added support for H4R2 appliances (LX1025R2, LX4025R2 and ST4025R2)

Check out the release notes here

TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence 6.1.0

Highlights of this release:

  • Over 22 Enhancements
  • Updated WebUI
  • Search performance improvements - Get search results in seconds instead of hours!
  • Ability to collect, parse and search key TIBCO logs like TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Business Events, TIBCO ActiveSpace, TIBCO EMS etc.**
  • Index Data Retention up to 10 years on all models
  • New Advanced features
    • Advanced Search - Enables use of EQL to get faster search results
    • Filter and Time Bloks - Helps user accelerate search process
    • Advanced Data Models - Lets user define their own parsing rules
    • Smartlists for data enrichment
    • Advanced Dashboards - Create custom dashboard using EQL queries and OOTB widgets
    • REST API for Advanced Search - Hooks for custom reporting
    • Monthly Index - Enables even faster searches over large datasets
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) support for TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance (including EVA Quick start guide)
  • Partial migration from TIBCO LogLogic® Unity
  • TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance CPU and Memory requirements - minimum 8 cores and 16GB RAM

Check out the release notes here

LMI Data Source for TIBCO Spotfire®

This data source can be configured in Spotfire Server to visualize data from your LogLogic LMI.

All the artifacts can be found here:



JDBC Driver for TIBCO LogLogic® Advanced Features

This JDBC driver aims at querying log data stored in LogLogic LMI appliances using the same query language as the advanced search feature while retrieving the results in a standard JDBC fashion.

All the artifacts can be found here:

TIBCO LogLogic® Logging Toolkit for Java

This is our first open source log appender for Java-based logs. If you/your customer have applications written using any of the below frameworks, you can start sending that log data to any LogLogic appliance** without any additional coding involved. This adds additional benefits in terms of flexibility and reliability compared to using the standard UDP Syslog appenders.

This LogLogic Java logging extension supports the following logging backend:

1. Java JDK Logging framework

2. Log4j (1.x)

3. Log4j 2 (2.x)

4. Logback

All the artifacts can be found here:

TIBCO LogLogic® Universal Collector 2.8.0

Highlights of the release:

•Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016

•Support for wildcard for remote file collection

•Support for compressed file formats for file collection

•Support for forwarding to multiple downstream syslog receivers

Check out the release notes and documentation here.

TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Manager 2.1.1

Highlights of the release:

•Support for TIBCO LogLogic Log Management Intelligence 5.6.0-6.1.0

•Support for TIBCO Compliance Suites 3.8.0

•Support for Java 1.8

•Upgraded to Tomcat 8

•Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 & 2016

Check out the release notes and documentation here.

TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Suite - GDPR Community Edition

When deployed with TIBCO LogLogic(R) Log Management Intelligence or with TIBCO LogLogic(R) Enterprise Virtual Appliance, TIBCO LogLogic(R) Compliance Suite enables users to generate various reports and alerts from pre-existing infrastructure data.

Machine and log data can offer you insights into many aspects of your business: transactions, user access, applications, operating system, network infrastructures, and IoT devices, just to name a few. The information and insights gained from machine data support any number of use cases and can also be enriched with data from other sources. TIBCO LogLogic(R) Compliance Suite – GDPR Community Edition allows organizations to enforce GDPR compliant IT policies, through automated process validation.

Get access to the Compliance Suite here.