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What's new in TIBCO Hawk?

Last updated:
9:57am Nov 13, 2020

TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk® (Formerly TIBCO Hawk®) and TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk® RedTail provide the industry's best, sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise. With Hawk, system administrators can monitor application parameters, behavior, and loading activities for all nodes in a local or wide-area network and take action when pre-defined conditions occur. In many cases, runtime failures or slowdowns can be repaired automatically within seconds of their discovery, reducing unscheduled outages and slowdowns of critical business systems.

TIBCO® OI Hawk® RedTail - Container Edition 7.0.0

  • Collect metrics and store in time-series database
  • Customize your dashboards and configure multiple queries
  • Query the metrics in the form of data models using the unified query language
  • Create high-level rulebases with tags and deploy rulebases on all agents in the domain
  • Content packs that provide a product-specific or environment-specific view
  • Integrate with TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence

For complete release details, see TIBCO® OI Hawk® RedTail - Container Edition 7.0.0 Release Notes.

TIBCO Hawk 6.2.0

You can find the details here.

TIBCO Hawk 6.1.0

Some of the highlights of this release are:

  • New Hawk Console
    • Angular based
    • Independent, lightweight, performant!
    • REST API support
  • Unified monitoring of hybrid deployments through Proxy domains feature
    • Configure Domains ‘On the fly’ from console UI without manually editing config files
    • Monitor the configured Hawk Domains from multiple deployments on a “single pane of glass” for unified monitoring
    • E.g. Enterprise Deployments, Containers Deployments (using Hawk container edition), Kubernetes Deployments (using hawk container edition), AWS Deployments → All on a single Console
    • Feature available *only* with the new Hawk Console
  • New Universal Collector Microagent
    • Collectors for real time log files, Rule Metrics
    • Send log data to LogLogic LMI (over ULDP) or other syslog applications (over TCP/ TLS) using Forwarders
    • Custom “sendMessage” method for sending rulebase information to LogLogic LMI for further analysis (this feature came in through the Hawk PAG, goes on to prove how valuable field feedback is!)
  • TLS support for TCP transport which is the default Hawk transport starting this version.
  • Additionally, the Hawk Microagent for BW6 now supports TCP transport. (Available as a separate component for download under BW 6.5.0 on edelivery).

Release notes:


TIBCO Hawk Container Edition 1.0.0

Release highlights:

  • Lightweight, low footprint Hawk Agent
  • Each Hawk Component as a separate container:Agent, Adapter and Console
  • One HawkAgent Container per Docker Host
  • Config via environment variables (Docker compose)
  • Supports TCP transport only!
  • Native support for Docker, Kubernetes
  • New microagents
    • Docker Host microagent for monitoring and management of docker host
    • LMI (LogLogic Log Management Intelligence) microagent for sending container logs to LMI
    • Also Hawk microagent for BWCE
  • New Console* with REST API available at

Check out the release notes to know more:

TIBCO Hawk Plug-in for JMX - Community Edition 1.0.0

TIBCO Hawk Plug-in for JMX - Community Edition extends the managing and monitoring capabilities of TIBCO Hawk Container Edition into applications instrumented using Java™ Management Extensions (JMX) standard interfaces. Via the TIBCO Hawk Plug-in for JMX - Community Edition, the TIBCO Hawk Container Edition agent can connect to JMX Agents, introspect them, and expose the JMX MBeans to the TIBCO Hawk infrastructure as microagents. From there, they can be utilized with TIBCO Hawk rule-bases or accessed by any number of TIBCO Hawk console applications.

It works with the TIBCO Hawk Container Edition 1.0.0 and can be used to monitor containerized custom JAVA applications for eg. Kafka.

You can download it here and get started today!

TIBCO Hawk 6.0.0

Release highlights:


A new TCP-based transport is now bundled with TIBCO Hawk® for communication between Hawk® components.


  • The landing page of Hawk® Admin Agent now displays the TreeMap of alerts for the entire Hawk® ecosystem. 
  • Improved purging of Admin Agent alerts.
  • Improved performance on the Alerts page.
  • Access controls for Hawk® Agent method and rulebases.

Check out the release notes to know more: