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What versions of TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) are available?

Last updated:
9:57am Aug 09, 2022

You can easily check which version of TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) is included with the version of your Spotfire installation.

From the Spotfire menu, click Tools > TERR Tools, and then read the path to the local TERR engine that is displayed.  

If you are curious about the Spotfire versions of TERR beyond your particular Spotfire installation, check the following handy short chart, and review the detailed information provided in the table below.

            Note   Some versions of TERR are available for Developer Edition only and are not included

                       in any version of Spotfire. You can download and run these console versions from 

                       TIBCO eDelivery.

A table displaying the supported versions of TERR that are in Spotfire. Also shows the supported versions of Spotfire.

Because we are always working toward improving TERR and TERR compatibility with open-source R, we encourage you to update your installation to newer versions if possible. See What's New in TERR for information on each version. 

Note: Not all releases are listed. See the TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R documentation for each release on for more details. If you are interested in earlier versions, contact TIBCO Spotfire Support.


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TERR version 5.0 is installed in the Modules directory of your Spotfire Home location. Your installation of the TERR console, which you might have installed outside of Spotfire, does not change.  

Your Spotfire installation uses the TERR version that is installed within the Modules directory. To check the installation version, from the Spotfire menu, click Tools > TERR Tools, and then click Launch TERR Console. The version described at the top of the console is the version that Spotfire is using.  


kroan 11:41am Jun. 01, 2020


I have upgraded my spotfire from 10.0 to 10.6 but my terr current version is 4.5  and not upgraded could please let me know, does the TERR version is compatible with Spotfire server 10.6 actually am facing issue with TERR in web player. 

vonukuri.anusha 1:56am Jan. 02, 2020

@jsebby, what other information do you need that's not displayed here? Thanks.

kroan 11:07am Mar. 05, 2019

Thanks for the reply kroan.  I needed to know about TERR in Spotfire 10.1 and 10.2.  We are trying to plan an upgrade and I was trying to figure out what version of TERR was in those two products.  I have Spotfire 10 on dev, but not 10.1 or 10.2.  Trying to get the information I needed wasn't actually very easy.  As you stated, "This page is just to inform you which version of TERR is available in Spotfire. It's not meant to be a comprehensive history of either product."  And so, I am making the suggestion to have a more comprehensive page.  It would be very useful.

jsebby 1:03pm Mar. 05, 2019

This page is just to inform you which version of TERR is available in Spotfire. It's not meant to be a comprehensive history of either product.  

It shows dates for TERR releases, not for Spotfire releases. 

TERR 5.0 is not available in a Spotfire release as of this date.   TERR 4.5 is included with Spotfire 10.2. 

You can check the version of TERR included in Spotfire by opening Spotfire, and going to TERR Tools. 


kroan 9:03am Mar. 05, 2019

I just got a response from support that says standalone TERR 5.0 is released but they haven't made it available in Spotfire yet.  None of this is clear on this page or in the What's New in TERR page.  One page that explains what was released, what changed, when it was released and how (in Spotfire, not in Spotfire) is what we need.  

jsebby 8:46am Mar. 05, 2019

This chart is a little bit confusing.  Spotfire 10.0 and 10.1 weren't released at the same time.  It also needs to be updated for 10.2.  Granted, that got released yesterday, so...not a huge deal.  I was checking this page because I am working with support on an issue that they say will be fixed in TERR 5.0.  Support told me TERR 5.0 hasn't been released yet.  The what's new in TERR page says that it is and gives Feb 2019 as the release date but not the Spotfire version.  Spotfire 10.1 and 10.2 were released very close together so I am just trying to figure out what is what and the information is not clear.

jsebby 8:44am Mar. 05, 2019

Thanks, jsebby! I've updated the table.

kroan 8:20am Sep. 04, 2018

Would be nice to see the page updated since Spotfire is on 7.14.  I believe it's still TERR 4.4, but this is a handy reference if it's updated.

jsebby 8:02am Sep. 04, 2018