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TIBCO® - Telecommunication Industry Solutions

Last updated:
8:30am Nov 11, 2019

Telco Platform and the Cloud

It is no longer sustainable to base a telco business around old ways of building, delivering and charging for services. The old-school linear pipeline where customers buy the capacity they need from operators via a conventional supply chain is on the way out.

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Concept to Cash via Catalogue Driven dynamic automation

TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration™ Suite provides a comprehensive Catalogue Driven set of products that accelerates both the concept-to-market and the order-to-cash cycles for Omni-Channel Communications Service Providers and Media Distributors, by automating the commercial process of offer creation and pricing, and the efficient and accurate process of fulfillment orchestration.

TIBCO Fulfillment Subscriber Inventory

TIBCO Fulfillment Subscriber Inventory was released in late August 2016. The product is designed to store the history of a subscriber’s entitlements and to manage these entitlements. The target customers for this product are Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Content Distributors in the Media / Entertainment sector. In some circles, this product is labeled as an Asset manager.

Omni-channel Commerce and Order Management

Leveraging the poer of TIBCO Fulfillment Orchestration Suite this video shows Omni-Channel Order Management allowing customer context and journey consistency across multiple channels.  The solution is integrated using TIBCO Integration and messaging products and also includes TIBCO Spotfire® for analytics and reporting, the Case Management Accelerator, TIBCO Nimbus™ for customer care efficiency, and Amazon Alexa using API for customer facing use cases.

  • Click here to watch video

How TIBCO supports TM Forum Open API acceleration

CSP’s see huge benefits in adopting the TM Forum Open API to help transform to the platform model for many reasons including revenue generation, agile access to underlying network capability and consistency across the operating group.  TIBCO is providing the essential capabilities to transform the CSP operating model into a platform model so enabling the evolving SDN/NFV agile services to be more accessible. This is achieved by TIBCO Connected Intelligence.

  • Click here to read.

Fraud in customer behaviour

Detecting fraudulent patterns in real time and stopping the behaviour automatically. Analysing links between customers for finding fraud networks.

Equipment monitoring and maintenance

Industrial Internet of Things and Streaming Sensor Analytics:  The expansion of connected sensor data creates new business opportunities for monitoring machine performance and failures in the field and on the factory floor.  Service organizations have up-sell opportunities to offer options to their customers for maximizing value of their assets. Manufacturers can increase uptime, minimize costs, and optimize processes for expensive equipment on the factory floor. 

Customer analytics

Below, we list a few of the most common usecases that interest the Telecommunication industry. For more information and other usecases for improving customer relations, please visit the Customer Analytics Wiki page.


Predicting who is likely to churn and engaging with them beforehand in order to prevent it

  • Whitepaper, "Turning Customer Insight into Action", with telco example
  • Webinar, "Understanding your Customer & Turning that Insight into Action", by Ana Costa e Silva published by Innovation Enterprise

Cross-sell / Up-sell

Predicting who may be interested in a particular product, such as a new package, and engage with them in a way that is not spam but value for the customer

Credit scoring

Predicting customers who are likely not to pay and denying them credit


Predicting the best price plan to put a customer into, considering his propensity to buy

  • Blog, "The Algorithmic Insurer: Liberating and Leveraging Algorithms Ready for The Fourth Industrial Revolution"
  • Webinar, "The Algorithmic Insurer – Increasing Agility through Real-Time Decision"

Customer stories

  • Liquid Telecom, "Greater visibility, faster development, improved processes"

  • Swisscom, "Improved profitability, cost savings, cost savings, quality, time to market"

  • T-Mobile USA, "Faster Inovation made possible with System Integration and unrelenting system availability"

  • 3 UK, "Reinventing how to emotionally connect with customers dramatically improving the customer experience"

  • XL Axiata, "Improves customer experience, reduces churn, generates increased revenue"

  • Fox Grroup, "Monetise content in a dynamic marketplace"

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