As a transitional step, this site will temporarily be made Read-Only from July 8th until the new community launch. During this time, you can still search and read articles and discussions.

While the community is read-only, if you have questions or issues requiring TIBCO review/response, please access the new TIBCO Community and select "Ask A Question."

You will need to register or log in or register to engage in the new community.

TIBCO® Community - Launch FAQ

Last updated:
7:46am Nov 12, 2020

Why did we build a new community site? How is it better/different?

This new community site is the first step in our ongoing effort to enable a stronger community and ecosystem around TIBCO products and help our customers and partners get the most out of their investment in TIBCO.

Our previous community platform, TIBCOmmunity, provided a strong communication platform; however, we’re expanding on it and building a living, growing reference resource by incorporating the following:

  • Products – Landing pages dedicated to individual products to showcase key capabilities, product trials, related community content and resources, as well as pointers to plug-ins and extensions that extend the power of these products.
  • Answers – The ability to ask, answer, and comment on questions while building a living and growing reference.
  • Wiki – A community-driven documentation area where the community can share tips, tutorials, and other how-to information to augment our professional documentation with the knowledge of our community.
  • Exchange – A showcase of the plug-ins and extensions available across the TIBCO product line, highlighting the breadth of solutions available to our customers.
  • Documentation – A direct connection to our professional documentation, better exposing this key informative resource to our community.

We will continue to link to and add resources to this site, creating a destination to enable anyone who wishes to leverage TIBCO products and services.

How do I get access to the new community site?

To get access, go to and register.  If you already have a TIBCO Account (TIBCOmmunity, TAP, or eDelivery account), simply log in with your existing credentials. (For TIBCO employees, use your corporate email address and password)

Is TIBCOmmunity going away?

Yes, we will consolidate our community resources to this single destination.  After we complete the migration of the product-level subjects on TIBCOmmunity to the new TIBCO Community site, we will retire the TIBCOmmunity site.

What will happen to all of the conversations I had on TIBCOmmunity?

We will migrate the conversations you had on TIBCOmmunity to the Answer section of the TIBCO Community.  Private messages and subjects will not be migrated for the security of our customers and partners.

What products have been moved to the new community site?

We have now moved many of our flagship products such as TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ , TIBCO Spotfire®, TIBCO ActieMatrix BPM®, TIBCO Streambase®, TIBCO Business Events® and their related plug-ins or extensions. Find the full list of available products via the product menu tab

When will the other products be moved into the new community site?

Additional products continue to be added. The order in which products will be added will be based on the need to include resources where they don’t already exist as well as on simplifying access where they do.

Why is my name displayed differently here than it was in TIBCOmmunity? Can I change this?

TIBCOmmunity displayed the first and last name of the user.  In the new TIBCO Community site, we decided to instead display a unique display name and give you control over how your name is displayed. The reason for this is to ensure that others can not pretend to be you as well as to ensure the privacy of our community by limiting the amount of information automatically shared publicly.

You can change your display name by going to the profile settings under "My account".  We recommend you use this profile to publish your own biographical information, web site, and social profiles.

Where should I send feedback about the new community site?

Send any feedback on the community site to