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TIBCO® Cloud Integration Enablement Hub

Last updated:
11:42am Nov 19, 2021



Operating with the speed, agility, and innovation of a digital business requires you to integrate applications and data quickly. The TIBCO® Cloud™ Integration enterprise integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) accelerates the integration process. Using any integration style, it empowers your people to quickly and easily connect their information assets no matter where they are. Connect cloud apps and hybrid integration flows across on-premises and cloud environments, develop cloud-native apps using microservices, and process IoT data on edge devices.

To accelerate your digital business initiatives, your integration teams need the right tools to help them get their jobs done quickly and easily. The TIBCO® Cloud Integration iPaaS not only helps you accelerate the integration of all your applications, data, and devices, it’s more efficient and cost-effective than competing products.

The TIBCO® Cloud Integration Enablement Hub is designed to get you skilled up quickly and easily, no matter what level of experience you have. There are videos split into sets: Quickstart Demo, New Capabilities, Fast Track Workshop to help users across different levels and various needs.

Platform Capabilities - TIBCO® Cloud

TCI - New Customer Orientation

This section is designed for new users looking forward to experience TCI. Try to familiarize yourself with the TCI platform before moving on to Active User engagement.

This video provides an overview of the self-service resources that are available from TIBCO. You can download the presentation and use it as a guide which contains links to the resources referred in the video.

Disclaimer: Digital Customer Success is in the pilot phase and all the customers may not receive the emails as mentioned in the video. Please feel free to provide feedback in the  comments section at the end of this page.

Quickstart Demo

These videos are designed for users with 0 hours of experience with TIBCO® Cloud Integration. This is 10 minutes in total duration. Learning by doing is the best way to retain knowledge. After viewing this content, be sure to try TIBCO® Cloud Integration for yourself before moving on to Fundamentals.

TIBCO® Cloud Integration New Capabilities

This section is designed for users with over 5 hours of experience with TIBCO® Cloud Integration. This demonstration provides a general overview of the new capabilities introduced in TIBCO® CLoud Integration 2.0. Try to familiarize with these new capabilities of TIBCO® Cloud Integration 2.0 before moving on to Active User.

Fast Track Workshop

The TIBCO® Cloud Integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) increases business agility and accelerates connectivity, but it also empowers users to play an active role in creating connections between apps, data sources, or devices in a cloud or hybrid environment. Users can make connections quickly without a significant underlying knowledge. With just a click, they’re on their way, connecting with confidence.

Take this free workshop to learn how to solve common integration challenges with the help of an experienced TIBCO solutions engineer. In just 90 minutes you will be ready to get the most out of your TIBCO® Cloud Integration iPaaS.

Watch this video to see how the TIBCO® Cloud integration iPaaS impacts your entire business by empowering a wide range of users outside the IT department to quickly connect anything anywhere

Take the first steps towards digital transformation and seamless connectivity across your applications, data, and devices? Learn more about TIBCO® Cloud integration to get started.


Enable your business to adapt quickly to rapidly changing market conditions by evolving to a flexible and scalable application architecture that lets you reconfigure your digital platform to meet any challenge. Streamline processes, increase productivity and insight development, and transform the customer experience. 


Accessing, improving, and getting data to the right employees, channels, processes, and devices unlocks opportunities. Connect all your data sources—systems, employee apps and documents, customer touchpoints and devices, and partner and cloud applications—in the cloud, on-premises, or on-device with API-led integration. Enable developers and business users to build event-driven applications faster using new architecture patterns and low-code visual design tools to enable digital transformation.


With TIBCO Software, you can easily connect to virtually any endpoint across your IT ecosystem with a wide variety of commercial and community developed connectors for modern business suites and platforms as well as legacy technologies. We offer 200+ connectors that are supported across the integration capabilities within TIBCO® Cloud Integration: Connect, Integrate, and Develop, as well as 200+ Enterprise SaaS/Cloud & App Adapters and 30+ NoSQL, RDBMS, and Data Warehouses that are supported within TIBCO Data Virtualization. Our broad connector portfolio allows you to focus more on developing business logic, and less on connectivity details.

TIBCO® Cloud Integration Release Notes

Vist this page to access release notes and Known Issues for TIBCO Cloud™ Integration releases.

Continue Your Learning

There's tons to do in TIBCO® Cloud Integration! These are some of our favorite ways to continue your learning.