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TIBCO Statistica® Live Score® Server 

Last updated:
12:38pm Apr 03, 2020

See the attachment below for examples. Statistica offers a comprehensive and effective system for the entire data mining process – from querying databases, developing and testing models, managing versions, deploying models into production and monitoring model quality. In many cases, the real value comes from the incorporation of models into business processes. That is the primary purpose for the Statistica Live Score Server.

Statistica Live Score Server provides multi-threaded, efficient, and platform-independent scoring of data from line-of-business applications. In other words, It is an analytic transaction server that other applications call. 

Definitions of Scoring

  • Scoring: making predictions / business decisions based on data (analytic model)
    • apply a model to new data
  • Batch scoring: process data (usually large number of records) on schedule or on demand
    • e.g. automatic weekly rating of insurance claims for fraud detection / subrogation opportunities; periodic re-ranking of bank’s customers for risk management (Value-at-Risk assessment); scanning customer data for marketing campaign selection
  • Live scoring: process data (typically one row of data) in real-time and quickly return results
    • e.g. on-line fraud detection; insurance claim created, underwriting support for agents working with prospective customers; customer service / marketing support: credit scorecards, segmentation, up-sell/cross-sell, churn


In Statistica, the same model can be used for batch scoring and live scoring. Batch scoring can be scheduled through TIBCO Statistica® Server (web server) or run on demand (interactively).

Statistica Live Score Server is IT-friendly with the ability to quickly extend. The inputs/outputs for the transactions are easily customizable for web service requests. The migration between environments, development => test => production, is simple. Deploying updated models is rapid with all the benefits of governance (versioning, approval, audit log). 

Failover and high availability options are available. The server is stateless and easy to load-balance.

Performance is 50-500ms roundtrip, depending on the specific processing logic. 

The product adheres to industry standards: OLEDB/ODBC; PMML; SOAP/XML, WSDL; COM, VB / R. 

Live Score application

Product Information

Statistica Live Score Server is an add-on to Statistica Server

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