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TIBCO Spotfire® Mods Overview

Last updated:
1:10am Jul 06, 2022



Spotfire Mods is a lightweight cloud-enabled framework for adding new interactive visualization types, called visualization mods, to Spotfire. A visualization mod looks, feels and behaves just like a built-in Spotfire visualization and can be reused in different Spotfire analyses with different configurations and data sets, that can be either in-memory, in-database or streaming data from any Spotfire supported data source.

By combining Spotfire Mods with other built-in Spotfire capabilities, such as self-service data access, data wrangling, visual analytics, advanced analytics, embedded BI and reporting, you can create highly customized analytic applications directly within the Spotfire environment.

Spotfire Mods greatly expands the types of visualizations accessible to Spotfire Analysts, Authors and Consumers by enabling customers, partners and 3rd party developers to easily build and distribute new visualization types to the Spotfire community. This makes analytics available for more business users that get access to a rich set of fit-for-purpose specialized visualizations for different business problems.

For information about other customization options, see Extending TIBCO Spotfire®.

Key features

  • Look and feel like native Spotfire visualizations for both analysts, authors and consumers.
  • Support for in-memory data, in-db data, streaming data and data-on-demand from any Spotfire supported data source.
  • Work in both Spotfire Analyst (Windows) and Spotfire Consumer/Business Author (web) without any special code.
  • Can be used on premises, in private cloud or in public cloud (TIBCO Cloud Spotfire) environments.
  • Can be used by an individual user, group or organization in a multi-tenant environment (e.g. TIBCO cloud Spotfire) without affecting other users, groups or organizations that are using the same Spotfire environment.
  • Easily developed with modern web technologies.
  • Can be deployed by an individual for personal use or by an administrator for use by a group of users.
  • Can be distributed as a simple download from the TIBCO Community or any third party website.
  • Security OOTB with new certificate-based trust model.

Try Mods

Check out TIBCO Community Mods, our library of freely downloadable visualization mods. Try them out directly on TIBCO Cloud Spotfire or download from TIBCO Community Exchange.

Getting started with Mods development

Visualization mods are quickly developed with web technologies, such as JavaScript and HTML. A simple API gives you access to Spotfire functionality and you can easily integrate any third-party JavaScript visualization library.

The Getting started guide describes the steps needed to get a mod running in development mode, inside Spotfire.

Spotfire Mods GitHub pages contain all assets needed for mod development, such as guides, tutorials, API documentation, templates and source code examples.

Trust and Certificates

A built-in trust mechanism helps you keep your system safe when using Spotfire Mods.

Governing Mods in Your Organization

Spotfire Mods allows any Spotfire user to add new visulization types to their Spotfire analyses. How mods are deployed and used in your organization can be centrally governed using licenses, preferences and server settings.

Submitting Mods to the TIBCO Community Exchange

The TIBCO Community Exchange is a safe and trusted place for TIBCO’s customers and partners to discover mods for Spotfire, and an opportunity for developers to show-off their work and deliver industry specific and useful mods vetted by TIBCO. Build your mod, review guidelines, prepare publication assets, and submit your mod for review to publish on the TIBCO Community Exchange.

Q & A

If you have questions on how to use or develop mods, check out:

Learn more about Mods

Additional resources


Spotfire Mods is available on TIBCO Cloud Spotfire® and on all other Spotfire environments with version TIBCO Spotfire® 11.0 or later.