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TIBCO Spotfire User Group Tips & Tricks: Use TIBCO GeoAnalytics

Last updated:
6:56am Mar 07, 2017
Table of Contents

TIBCO GeoAnalytics

TIBCO provides a cloud based, high performance and scalable geospatial technology to geo-enable your data and develop location based applications.

Using TIBCO GeoAnalytics REST APIs you can develop applications to:

  • Geocode and address
  • Reverse code and address
  • Geocode addresses in batch mode
  • Route between 2 addresses
  • Calculate the distances between a location and many addresses
  • Calculate the distances between many to many addresses
  • Calculate the trade area by drive time or distance
  • Query you geographic data

In the example below, the TradeArea capability has been used inconjunction with Spotfire to compute the maximum area around selected locations for a given time to go.

Note, in order to use the Spotfire DXP (below) the following is required:


Binary Data geoanalytics_trade_area_terr_demo.dxp425.3 KB