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TIBCO Spotfire® SBDF Library

Last updated:
11:52pm Aug 26, 2019

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The TIBCO Spotfire® SBDF Library is a programming library for reading and writing files in the Spotfire Binary Data File (SBDF) format. The library can be used to add support for this format to an application, enabling it to natively create and consume data in a way optimized for analysis in Spotfire. The library is available for both .NET and Java applications.

Note: If you are writing an Spotfire extension you should not use this DLL. Instead, use the DLL provided by the Spotfire SDK.


  • Enables Spotfire customers to integrate Spotfire directly into their data workflows and business processes, by generating and consuming data in an optimal format for Spotfire.
  • Freely redistribute this library with your 3rd-party applications, giving your users a streamlined experience when working with your applications and Spotfire, enabling them to easily take advantage of the strengths of both
  • Pass data between your application and the Spotfire platform in a highly-efficient binary format, increasing performance and preserving data type information. (Even though TIBCO Spotfire products can read data on a number of different formats, SBDF files will increase the performance when using the data in a Spotfire analysis.)