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TIBCO Spotfire® Database Drivers

Last updated:
4:00pm Jan 31, 2020

To access data from external data sources in Spotfire, you typically need to install a driver for the data source on your computer. For information and instructions about where you can find the required drivers for supported data sources, go to:

Feedback (6)

From Spotfire 7.14 you should be able to adjust this in the advanced settings, see:

Search the page for "The SAP HANA connector now supports all connection settings"

Thomas Blomberg 6:11am May. 10, 2019

HI Thomas,

I laready have the drivers and things are working for me.

The issue is with no. of records fetched at once (currently it is 1000 rows). I need help to increase it somehow to a larger number so that data gets fetched faster.


kavi.mandar 5:46am May. 10, 2019

It does not work...

Seems i dont have access to the website.

You do not have software download privileges on TIBCO eDelivery Site. 

kavi.mandar 5:00am May. 10, 2019

Please try this page:

Select Windows. There is only the latest 1.7 version available.

Thomas Blomberg 4:54am May. 10, 2019

Hi Thomas,

Currently my Spotfire environment is reading 1000 rows at a time from SAP HANA. I need to fetch more rows (preferably 100,000). Is this too much? What should be the preferred number here?

So i suppose i need to add fetch size and batch size into data connector in config tool?

Can you please help with the code or some structure to include these 2 in the existing code?

Appreciate your help.

- Mandar


kavi.mandar 4:48am May. 10, 2019

Attempting to download driver for Apache Spark SQL, but on eDelivery site there are no choices in the dropdown menus for Version and Operating Systems. Link

jjburnam 11:50am Sep. 28, 2016