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TIBCO Spotfire® Application Profiler Tech Note

Last updated:
7:46am Jul 29, 2019

Tech Note

If you want to learn how the TIBCO Spotfire® Application Profiler works and how it is used you should read this Tech Note. The document steps through a few use cases and along that way we provide our recommendations related to running the Application Profiler on your Spotfire library. Analysis files can quickly become inefficient as users duplicate reports, add data to reports, and fundamentally change the contents and behavior of a report. As these reports go through numerous changes, or new copies are created, you--as a systems administrator--have a hard time tracing and maintaining the different analytic applications of the system.

The Application Profiler enables you, as a Spotfire administrator or a superuser, to scan the analysis files in the Spotfire library and create an overview. You can open the Application Profiler in a Spotfire client from the Tools menu but you must have the appropriate license.

The Application Profiler can help answer some important questions:

  • How many analysis files are there in the library?

  • How long time does it take to load them?

  • How many and what visualizations do they contain?

  • How long time does it take to render the visualizations?

  • Were there any configuration messages reported for any of the analysis files?

  • How have these measures changed over the previous six months?

  • What impact will a Spotfire upgrade have on the measures above?

  • How many of all the analysis files make use of a specific custom expression?

  • How many of my bar charts use horizontal bars AND stacked bars in combination?



Read more about the Spotfire Application Profiler at: