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TIBCO Scribe Support Newsletter - July 2020

Last updated:
9:20am Aug 10, 2020


TIBCO Scribe Support Newsletter 

July 2020

News on the latest releases, hotfixes, knowledge base articles, and technical tips.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration – Connect

With the TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect May 2020 release, TIBCO Scribe Online moves into a new phase as a capability of the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform and offering access to all of the additional features and functionality this great platform has to offer. Click the icon on the bottom right of TIBCO Cloud Integration screens to access the Guide Center for a list of what is new, videos, and more. There are numerous resources available there about Connect and the other capabilities of the platform. You can also read the release notes or view the new features video

Migrate from TIBCO Scribe Online Software to TIBCO Cloud Integration – Connect Software

With the May release of the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform, there are even more reasons to migrate from TIBCO Scribe Online classic to TIBCO Cloud Integration – Connect. TIBCO Renewals will contact you to renew your subscription and start the discussion about migrating your organization. See the migration FAQ for more details. 

Get Started with TIBCO Cloud Integration

As you start to explore the platform be sure to check out the orientation resources. Tutorials for each TIBCO Cloud Integration capability (Connect/Scribe, Integrate/BusinessWorks, Develop/Flogo, and Mashery API management) provide a quick start lesson and an extended tutorial with more in-depth training. 

Configure the Connector for REST Web Services

In the third part of our series on using REST web services, learn how to configure the Connector for REST Web Services.

Tips for Connecting to Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Use the TIBCO Scribe Online Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service modules as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  1. URL — The URL (web address) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 varies depending on the type of deployment selected.
  2. Organization — The Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Organization you want to access. You can use either the friendly name or the unique name. Names are case-sensitive, therefore a best practice is to copy the name from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance and paste it into the Connection dialog. The Microsoft Dynamics 365-friendly Organization name is the Organization name that appears in the upper right-hand corner of Dynamics 365. 
  3. Also, it is important to note that when the friendly name changes on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM side, you need to change the friendly name used in the Connection dialog accordingly.

Learn more from the product’s help or see the release notes.

Learning Resources


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TIBCO Academy

TIBCO Academy is now available to customers and trial users and is free for 14 days during the current promotion. TIBCO Academy is a single platform with hundreds of product courses and tutorials. If you want to try it out, go to, click Register, and use branch code TRIAL. 

TIBCO Cloud Workshops Available Live or On-demand

Get the most from the TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS by attending or viewing our educational workshops. A full list of topics and recordings can be found on the TIBCO Cloud Workshops Community page.

Level II Training Information and Registration Information

TIBCO offers advanced training on TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect software throughout the year. You can find the agenda and scheduling details on the Training Registration page.

Latest Product Releases

Connector Releases

The following connectors have been promoted from TIBCO Scribe Labs status to connector extensions, complete with documentation and support.

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TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect & TIBCO Scribe Online

TIBCO Scribe Insight Software

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