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TIBCO Scribe Support Newsletter - January 2020

Last updated:
2:48pm Jan 24, 2020


TIBCO Scribe Support Newsletter

January 2020

News on the latest releases, hotfixes, knowledge base articles, and technical tips.

TIBCO Cloud Integration

Getting Started With TIBCO Cloud Integration Software

Most TIBCO Scribe Online customers will be migrated to TIBCO Cloud Integration software this year. As you start to explore the platform be sure to check out the orientation resources. Tutorials for each TIBCO Cloud Integration capability (Connect/Scribe, Integrate/BusinessWorks, Develop/Flogo, and Mashery capabilities) provide you a quick start lesson and an extended tutorial with more in-depth training. 

For those customers who have not migrated yet, remember that the Connect capability of the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform is powered by TIBCO Scribe Online software. All TIBCO Scribe Online features and functionality are available in the TIBCO Cloud Integration solution, though there are some differences in their implementation, which are documented in this help topic.

Working with REST Web Services Workshop

Many SaaS providers and IT organizations are adopting the Open API Specification (OAS), formerly known as Swagger, to document their APIs, enabling API integration projects to be more approachable. Register for our upcoming workshop on using the TIBCO Scribe Online Connector for REST Web Services, which will take place on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. In the meantime, you can read this article for an introduction to the Connector for REST Web Services.

See the TIBCO Cloud Integration Platform in Action 

This recording of a detailed demonstration (27 minutes) shows how the Develop/Flogo and Connect/Scribe capabilities in the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform can work together. The demo uses an example of an event-driven integration between a manufacturing system, IoT devices, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

TIBCO Cloud Workshops Available Live or On-demand

Get the most from TIBCO Cloud Integration software by attending or viewing our educational workshops. You can follow along and work the exercises during the session or just observe. There is time for Q&A, so bring your questions. Past topics include the API Platform Connector and creating custom messaging connectors. A full list of topics and recordings can be found on the TIBCO Cloud® Workshop Community page.

Level II Training Information and Registration Information

TIBCO offers advanced training on TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect software throughout the year. This training is instructor led and offered in a classroom setting twice a year in both the US and EMEA. It is also offered in a virtual format up to six times each year, making it very accessible to customers and partners. You can find the agenda and scheduling details on the Training Registration page.

Latest Product Releases

TIBCO Scribe Online 2.4.0 software was released November 19, 2019. This release features Conditional Field Mapping which allows users to control whether or not a value or field is written to a target datastore based on the contents of the source data. For example, if there is a NULL value in a source field, you can choose to overwrite target data with the NULL value or skip that field when updating a record. Check out these resources: 

Multi-factor Authentication with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The TIBCO Scribe Online Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM was updated on October 4, 2019. This update included the important new feature of compatibility with multi-factor authentication. You can read more about the release in the release notes and in this knowledge article

TIBCO Scribe Online Connector for QuickBooks Online

The TIBCO Scribe Online Connector for QuickBooks Online was released November 21, 2019. This connector was developed to connect QuickBooks Online data into CRM or ERP systems supported by TIBCO Cloud Integration connectors and is available from the TIBCO Cloud Integration Marketplace. Learn more from the product help or see the release notes.

Top Support Knowledge Base Articles

Get Notified on Product Updates

For all Scribe related products, including TIBCO Scribe Insight and TIBCO Scribe Online/TIBCO Cloud Integration Connect software, new releases and hotfixes are announced through articles in the support knowledge base. Learn how to subscribe to notifications, release announcements, hotfixes, knowledge articles, retirement notices, and more.

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Customer Survey Feedback

The feedback you provide helps us learn where improvement is needed and gives us a boost when we did a good job. Please share feedback about your experiences with us through our customer satisfaction survey. Survey invitations are sent by email after a case is closed, and you can also submit a survey at any point during the case lifecycle. Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback.

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