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TIBCO Scribe Support Newsletter - April 2020

Last updated:
10:42am Apr 17, 2020


TIBCO Scribe Support Newsletter 

April 2020

News on the latest releases, hotfixes, knowledgebase articles, and technical tips.

TIBCO Cloud Integration

Migrating from TIBCO Scribe Online Software to TIBCO Cloud Integration Connect Software

If you have not yet migrated from TIBCO Scribe Online software “classic” to TIBCO Cloud Integration Connect software, remember that the Connect capability of the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform is powered by TIBCO Scribe Online. All TIBCO Scribe Online features and functionality are available in the TIBCO Cloud Integration Connect capability, though there are some differences in feature implementations, which are documented in this help topic.

TIBCO Renewals will contact you to renew your subscription and migrate you to TIBCO Cloud Integration – Connect. For details on the migration process, see this article.

Getting Started with TIBCO Cloud Integration Software

As you start to explore the platform, be sure to check out these resources to help you get started with your first implementation. Quick start lessons and tutorials with in-depth training are available for each TIBCO Cloud Integration capability (Connect – Scribe, Integrate – BusinessWorks, Develop – TIBCO Flogo and TIBCO Mashery).

Getting to Know OAS and Swagger

In the second part of our series on using REST web services, see this article about the Open API Specification (OAS) and get tips about productivity tools for Swagger.

TIBCO Cloud Workshops

Get the most from TIBCO Cloud Integration software by joining a workshop remotely in real time or viewing a recording. A full list of topics and recordings can be found on the TIBCO Cloud Workshop Community page.

TIBCO Cloud Integration – Connect Training and Certification Information

TIBCO offers advanced training on TIBCO Cloud Integration – Connect software throughout the year. You can find the agenda and scheduling details on the Training Registration page.

Latest Product Releases

TIBCO Scribe Online 2.5.0 (and TIBCO Cloud Integration – Connect) software was released March 4, 2020. 

What’s New?

  • This release includes an enhancement to the Block Properties Error Handling tab, so it now allows you to enter a formula as part of the error message. See Block Properties Error Handling Tab for additional information.
  • Fixes included in the release are listed in the release notes.

Connector for Oracle Database 1.3.1

The TIBCO Scribe Online Connector for Oracle Database was updated on January 23, 2020. It includes a 90-day upgrade period for existing customers that are using the connector in production, providing time and guidance for best-practice upgrade testing.

What’s New?

  • Validated against Oracle Database version 18c
  • Added support for the Native Query block
  • Added support for the Execute block (to run ExecuteNonQuery and ExecuteScalar SQL commands)
  • Closed 5 issues, noted in the release notes
  • Learn more about the connector from the product help

Other Connector Releases

Top Support Knowledge Base Articles

TIBCO Cloud Integration – Connect & TIBCO Scribe Online Software

TIBCO Scribe Insight Software

Getting Started With TIBCO Support

Though the transition of support operations from former Scribe systems to TIBCO’s systems occurred about a year ago, if you are having your first experience using the support portal,  learn how to get started with TIBCO Support and about the important role of the administrator for your company on the support portal.

Explore Customer Success Stories

Read additional customer success stories.

Customer Survey Feedback

The feedback you provide helps us learn where improvement is needed and gives us a boost when we did a good job. Please share feedback about your experiences with us through our customer satisfaction survey. Survey invitations are emailed after a case is closed and you can complete a survey at any point in the case lifecycle by clicking “Case Survey” in the case details on the support portal. Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback.

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