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TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk RedTail - MicroAgents, Adaptors, Plugins and Exporters

Last updated:
11:08am Sep 01, 2021
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TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk® (Formerly TIBCO Hawk®) and TIBCO Operational Intelligence Hawk® RedTail provide the industry's best, sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise. With Hawk, system administrators can monitor application parameters, behavior, and loading activities for all nodes in a local or wide-area network and take action when pre-defined conditions occur. In many cases, runtime failures or slowdowns can be repaired automatically within seconds of their discovery, reducing unscheduled outages and slowdowns of critical business systems.

TIBCO OI Hawk RedTail offers support for MicroAgents, Adaptors, Plugins & Exporters all of which enable OI Hawk to collect metric data from various data sources. The table below lists the current supported MicroAgents, Adaptors & Plugins. However, with OI Hawk RedTail Prometheus Exporters are now supported.
A Prometheus exporter fetches metrics from another, non-Prometheus system and then converts those metrics into time series metrics. In TIBCO OI Hawk RedTail, a user can configure a Prometheus exporter target, from which, metrics are scraped at a regular interval. For each such configured Prometheus exporter, an equivalent Hawk Micraogent is created with each metric from the exporter becoming Hawk Micoragent Method. Once these metrics are collected, the user can query these metrics by using Operational Intelligence Search Query Language or create visualizations for these metrics by creating custom dashboards to get a better understanding about an application over a time period.
Prometheus based Exporters can come directly from Prometheus or the Prometheus community, provided they use a supported discovery service *Prometheus custom Exporters are also supported. Some popular exporters include: Kafka, Database, Node & cAdvisor


For more information on how to use Exporter with in OI Hawk RedTail see  our Online help or visit our doc site,

  OI Hawk OI Hawk CE OI Hawk RedTail CE
MicroAgents, Adaptors, Plugins, Exporters  
BW6 mA x    
DB Adaptor x    
SNMP Adaptor x    
HMA x    
Hawk Universal Collector mA x x x
JMX Plugin x x x
FTL mA x x x
Docker Host mA   x x
Kubernetes mA   x x
BWCE mA   x x
Prometheus Exporters *     x
* Support for Prometheus Exporters are limited to Static Targets or Kubernetes service discovery

- Hawk RedTail can not see the exporters if they use other types of directory services other then these at this time