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TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence Advanced Data Models - Microsoft IIS

Last updated:
1:28pm Jan 11, 2022


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TIBCO LogLogic® provides the industry's first enterprise-class, end-to-end log management solution. Using LogLogic log management solutions, IT organizations can analyze and archive network log data for the purpose of compliance and legal protection, decision support for network security remediation, and increased network performance and improved availability.

This page contains the Advanced Data Model created by the TIBCO LogLogic team for Microsoft IIS devices. To download the Data Model and import it, follow the procedure below:

Steps to Import and Use the Data Model

  1. As a first step, go to the attachments section in this page and download the attached zip file.

  2. Once the file has been downloaded, move the file onto anywhere on the LMI appliance.

  3. Now login to the LMI instance and cd to the location this zip file was moved to. Execute the command /loglogic/logu/configurator/bin/llconf import -f

  4. At this point you should see a message as follows:

  5. Once step 4 is completed, if you login to the webGUI and if you navigate to Management > Advanced Data Models page, you should be able to find a Data Model with the name "Microsoft_IIS" and beside the Data Model it should show admin(imported) text indicating it was imported by administrator as follows:

  6. At this point LMI is ready to accept the data that matches this following device type. Once the data is ingested, go to Dashboards > LogSource Status Page to see if a new data is logged or not. Since this is a datamodel to support IIS data, the device is already part of the supported device types so no changes will be seen in the device creation.

  7. Now to search data under this device, go to Advanced Search tab and use the query use [Microsoft_IIS] and specify the time range during which the data must have arrived. 

Additional Resources

To learn more about how to use Advanced Data Models and Advanced Search please refer to our documentation at

If there are any general questions regarding the use of these Data Models please post your questions to and for issues that require a support case please open a case with us at

For suggestions on how to improve the datamodel, leave a comment below.


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