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TIBCO Live DataMart Platform

Last updated:
12:29pm Mar 13, 2020

This wiki provides a location for the TIBCO® Live Datamart community to read and share how-to information with one another.


TIBCO® Live Datamart is the industry's first live data mart developed for business stakeholders to extract more value from Fast Data. It performs real-time computations against high-speed streaming data and events, returning results in just milliseconds, allowing your real-time analytics to leap to the next level.

With easy-to-use visualizations, and self-service features to interact with live data, business users can analyze, anticipate, and receive alerts on key events as they occur. Operational staff can act on opportunities and threats on-the-fly while they matter. These powerful capabilities help organizations in virtually any industry transform to digital business.

The TIBCO Live Datamart platform consists of:

and connectivity with more than 80 integration points.

In addition to the Desktop and Web clients, you can create your own custom client by using the LiveView JavaScript API set.  Read our best practices guide to help you along that path or watch a video with our LiveView Principal Engineer and Architect as he walks through the use of the LiveView JavaScript API set.


Unsure of what Live Datamart can offer you?  See the attached datasheet and explore these pages. If you want to understand the difference between Live Datamart and a classical Data Warehouse / Datamart, take a look at this video recording.


Join the community of developers using and talking about each of these via either the answers or the wiki pages.


Main Topics

Getting Started Building Applications Extending Live Datamart Administration
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Other Resources


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