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TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery - Customization

Last updated:
2:55pm May 23, 2022

Mashery is hosted by TIBCO and as such uses its domains. However, you can customize it to use your own domains:

  • Create CNAMEs.
  • Provide security certificates for those CNAMEs.
  • Configure a sender email address for notifications that Mashery sends.

Create CNAMEs

Your Mashery instance includes:

  • a Developer Portal hosted on a TIBCO-owned domain, e.g., and
  • the API gateway, where your customers sent API requests, which is also hosted on a TIBCO-owned domain, e.g.,

You or your DNS provider can create meaningful CNAMEs to these hosts so that you customers access Mashery using your own domain, e.g.,

  • CNAME that points to the Developer Portal at and
  • CNAME that points to API gateway e.g.,

Note: the API Control Center (web admin), e.g., does not require a CNAME. It always uses a sub-domain and a certificate. However, you can change the API Control Center's hostname from its Manage->Portal->Domains page but you must keep the domain, e.g,


When establishing your CNAME for the API gateway, consider its DNS TTL. The default gateway hostname (e.g., points to a load balancer in one of TIBCO's data centers. If that becomes unavailable, it will automatically transfer to another data center and thus the load balancer's IPs change. Your CNAME should now resolve to those IPs. You want to minimize the TTL of your CNAME DNS to avoid outages during a TIBCO data center failover. There might be cost implications to this, so check with your DNS provider to find a value that matches your business risk.

Here's an example:


Non-authoritative answer:    canonical name =    canonical name =


Your CNAME resolves to the IPs, and, a load balancer in US East 1. If that data center fails, then TIBCO automatically repoints to another data center, e.g. US West 1, and this will have different IPs. You need make sure your CNAME DNS TTL updates in good time to pick-up those new IPs. Take into account that the TTL for * is 60 seconds.

Security certificates

If you wish to use HTTPS for API requests or to access the Developer Portal, then purchase certificates for your CNAMEs. Raise a support request for TIBCO to install these. TIBCO requires both the public and private keys to host your certificates.

Configure a sender email address

Mashery sends emails for various events, e.g., member registration on the Developer Portal. The sender of these emails has a TIBCO-owned address, e.g.,

If you want Mashery to use an email address that you own, e.g.,, then please raise a support request. Note, you will need access to your mailbox to approve a validation request sent from TIBCO's Amazon SES. Once configured, set your new email address using the API Control Center.


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