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TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect Release Notes

Last updated:
7:22am Jul 14, 2022

Use the links on this page to access release notes and Known Issues for TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Connect July 2022 Update Release Notes

New And Noteworthy

TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect API

  • Added a new parameter, byReference, to the POST /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/cloneAsync method. If set to “true”, the source App and any associated cloned target Apps share resources, such as Flows. This improves performance when cloning. However, neither the source App nor the target Apps can be edited. See Copy Or Clone A Solution Using Shared Resources for more information. (SCCORE-7751)
  • Added a new field to the App model to indicate whether or not a App has been cloned and is sharing resources. The new field and possible values are as follows: (IPAS-19950)
    • solutionCloneType
      • solution — App does not share resources with any other App. 
      • solutionByReferenceSource — Source App that has been copied to one or more target Apps and shares resources with those Apps, such as Flows.
      • solutionByReferenceTarget — Target App copied from a source App and shares resources with the source App, such as Flows.

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