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TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM & Document Management

Last updated:
12:14pm Dec 14, 2016

With the following configuration you are able to use Document Upload & Download Features from ootb UI's

Alfresco Sample TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Configuration 

Before you can start here, you have to install Alfresco and create a Repository to store the
Business Process documents, here: "bpmdev" Next you can create a Sub-Folder, here "BPM"

You can use the Product TCT - Edit Server to add the CMIS support to your TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Instance

Reconfigure TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.x. to use CMIS using TCT

Select “Edit the external CMIS server by AMX-BPM” Option

Test and Finish the Configuration


Other supported CMIS Products


TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM supported the CMIS Connector of Sharepoint,
this must be activated first side the Sharepoint Administration:

The connector is available for SharePoint Server, not Foundation Server!

Sample Sharepoint Configuration

# Configuration file for Content Management functionality
# Details of the CM repository

# Repo binding type

# Repo connection URL

# Repo ID

# Repo user name and password

# Repo root folder - all documents will be created in a hierarchy beneath this path

# If a repo connection can't be made in this many milliseconds, the operation will timeout

# If a read operation can't be completed in this many milliseconds, the operation will timeout

# This should generally be left set to 'true'. Otherwise, the AMX-BPM server
# will not automatically detect and load changes made to this file at run-time.

Apache Chemistry

Part of TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Development Server Installation by default.

TCT Screenshot

Feedback (3)

Hi Jörg,

Your suggestion worked for me.

I installed Chemistry CMIS in our DEV box and was able to link it with 4.1 server.

One addition - You can shorten the war file name of CMIS server as 'bpmdocumentstore' so your atom binding link will be quite small and easy to maintain. :)




kakwani 2:23am Sep. 02, 2016

Hi Dheeraj,

The "TIBCO DocumentStore" that gets installed with the ActiveMatrix BPM Development Server is basically a Apache Chemistry CMIS. And yes, you can install it seperatly and connect it ActiveMatrix BPM by using this TCT Edit Configuration Tool.

regards, Jörg

Joerg Grote 9:34am Aug. 31, 2016


Thanks for the article.

When we install TIBCO Development server, we get TIBCO DocumentStore installed within it using atompub.

Is it possible to install this internal CMS application on non-Development server and later link it?

FYI - I am able to link our DEV linux box BPM 4.1 server to my local laptop internal CMS repository which was installed with development server, to test Case management document functionality. However this is not the solution which I like.



kakwani 2:07am Aug. 31, 2016