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tibbr® Departmental Use Cases: IT & Other Technical Teams

Last updated:
11:40pm Aug 26, 2019

There are many use cases for collaboration related to IT and other technical teams like development teams, QA, and so on: two quick examples are crowdsourcing for help, and finding information & expertise faster. The tibbr® Customer Success team shares a few examples of the use cases they've helped create for technical groups in a wide variety of industries around the world. Here we go!...

Use Case #1: Crowdsourcing For Help

  • Public helpdesk subject managed by the IT group
  • Multiple people are following
  • Crowdsourcing :
    • Carl has posted an issue about his Wifi problem
    • Emily from HR recently faced a similar problem and has posted her solution within minutes of seeing it
    • Jeff (official helpdesk team) responds confirming Emily’s answer
  • Result: Crowdsourcing locates information quickly and with context
  • Useful IT documents in files and links section
  • Looking for more information? Simply search for it within subject

Use Case #2: Finding information & expertise faster

  • It's after hours, but you need to find information quickly to finish an important assignment.
  • We're looking at the view after the user has clicked on the ‘Mavericks’ tag to see all related posts
  • Users can quickly find related posts on the issue
  • Use subject search to find any documents, links or conversations in the subject right from the beginning of when the subject was created
  • Users can continue to click thorough more tags on filtered results to find the post they are looking for
  • Result: fewer speedbumps to getting stuff done, no matter the where or when.