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tibbr® - Key Capabilities

Last updated:
4:25pm Feb 17, 2017
Table of Contents

Organizations are seeing real value from social networking tools. They hold great promise for improved collaboration, innovation and employee engagement—important benefits that are not mutually exclusive. In fact, most companies can reap all three benefits with the right platform. Here are some of the key capabilities tibbr provides.

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Collaborate: Make it easier for employees to be productive.
Gathering real-time information and bridging the divide between globally dispersed teams can be critical to productivity. With faster access to knowledge, organizations can solve problems sooner, cut costs and gain an advantage over competitors. A good example of this is Apache Corporation.

Innovate: Facilitate unconventional thinking.
From answering questions to sharing thoughts, social networking ignites innovation. The open forum environment flattens hierarchies and encourages employees to share their ideas.

Engage: Keep your talent inspired.
Good employees want to make a long-term impact, but doing so requires the right level of engagement and inspiration. Modern collaboration tools can play an important role. Private social networks level the playing field so every employee has a shot at coming up with the next big thing. These networks also give employees a forum for expressing their views and receiving feedback, further increasing engagement and overall interest in the company.

Keep everybody in the loop.
Post news and updates, ask questions, make announcements, or share ideas using a familiar, social network user interface.

Choose who sees what.
Restrict who can see your posts to just specific individuals, certain subjects, entire groups, or the whole company.

Know what’s happening anywhere.
Instantly see what colleagues are sharing for a snapshot of what’s going on in your company at any given moment.

Solve problems through serendipity.
Ping your people to generate new ideas, uncover new opportunities, and solve tough problems.