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Streaming logs from TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

Last updated:
5:32pm Feb 12, 2019

How to stream TIBCO Cloud™ Integration app logs using TIBCO Cloud™ Command Line Interface

Step 1 : Download latest  TIBCO Cloud Command Line Interface from TIBCO Cloud Integration -->Downloads .

Step 2: Log in to TIBCO Cloud Integration using “tibcli”

  • Open a terminal window and run the following command to log in:

    • ./tibcli login

Step 3: Stream log and pipe it to your output

  • In order to get the log for your application, you need to have an application running.

  • In the below example, I will get the logs from an application called:

  • Mashery_trial_1_0_0_mock_app

  • Use the command as follows:

    • ./tibcli monitor applog -s <TCI_APP_NAME>

    • E.g. .. ./tibcli monitor applog -s logExample.application

Step 4: Get the TIBCO Cloud Integration log stream to Splunk

  • Splunk can ingest files:

  • In order to get these logs into Splunk -> stream the logs to a file that Splunk will read!

    • Example: use the following command:

      ./tibcli monitor applog -s logExample.application > logExample.application.log &

      To run the process in the background, tail the log file and you will see the logs entering there..


  • In some cases the “tibcli” binary on Mac/Windows does not run.

  • On Mac,  “tibcli” binary is downloaded without execute permission due to security reason , we need to change the permission using following command on Mac.> chmod 755 tibcli

  • On  Windows , right click on “tibcli.exe" -->Properties -->Security -->Authenticated Users -->Edit and give Full Control.