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The Responsive Web. How does it effect content formatting?

Last updated:
2:28pm Nov 16, 2021

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Inbound Filtering

Filtered_HTML WYSIWYG HTML and Attributes Filter.

The Filtered_Text WYSIWYG filter (access by admin only), defines certain HTML elements and attributes allowed in user provided content. It uses a subset of the TinyMCE valid_elements format.

The following elements cannot be whitelisted due to security reasons, to prevent users from breaking site layout and/or to avoid posting invalid HTML.
Forbidden elements:

  • <applet> <area> <base> <basefont> <body> <button> <embed> <form> <frame>
  • <frameset> <head> <html> <iframe> <input> <isindex> <label> <link> <map>
  • <meta> <noframes> <noscript> <object> <optgroup> <option> <param> <script>
  • <select> <style> <textarea> <title>.
  • JavaScript event attributes such as onclick, onmouseover, etc. are always ignored.

The Filtered_HTML Advanced Content Filter

This filter system is sort of a mashup of several different things.

ACF limits and adapts input data (HTML code added in source mode or by the editor.setData method, pasted HTML code, etc.) so it matches the editor configuration in the best possible way. It may also deactivate features which generate HTML code that is not allowed by the configuration.

Test Cases

The Responsive Web