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Project Flogo™ Community Wiki

Last updated:
11:12am Jan 29, 2020

Project Flogo is an Open Source framework for IoT Integration. Refer to the FAQ below or head over to for more details, while we work on expanding this wiki.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Flogo?

Project Flogo is an Open Source Framework for IoT Edge Apps & Integration.

Key highlights include:

  • Ultra-light process engine - 20x-50x lighter than Java or NodeRed
  • Extensible & reusable by design 
  • 100% Open Source, 0% lock-in

Additional slide decks and videos are available in the Flogo community.

Getting Started with Flogo

Video of the first Steps ...

Here a little walkthrough Overview of what you can do in the graphical Userinterface of Flogo.

For more Details, please follow the instructions on the README over at

I am stuck, I think I need help..

Please post your questions over at GitHub on and apply a "help wanted" label

I dig the CLI and SDK, but can I get a visual modeler? 

Yes, we've built Flogo Web UI specifically for zero-code app developers. You can pull the Docker image containing Flogo Web UI & all required components from Docker Hub or

Do you have any sample flows I can use?

Some sample are already part of the Flogo Docker Instance, like:

  • AWS IOT Sample
  • Control Home Light using Raspberry PI GPIO
  • little and simple HelloWorld

For more take a look at the samples directory on flogo repo: If you have any samples to share, we would love to feature them. 

Flogo on Docker ?

here are some impressions about the available Docker Instance, containing all Parts of Flogo.

The Instance starts with two URL, the Flow Definer and a Configuration Page.

I would love to contribute, how do I get started?

Sweet! We'd love to hear from you. Please drop us a note at and we'll go from there. You can also use the Community Q&A for to ask whatever you want to know. Do not forget to tag it under product "Project Flogo" so that other Flogo experts and users can find it easily.

What's this cute looking bird doing in Flogo?

Meet Flynn, Project Flogo's official mascot. Flynn is a hummingbird by birth - super lightweight, extremely agile & shockingly efficient in terms of what he gets done! And that's kind of what we think you'd love your IoT intgeration framework to deliver.