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A JavaScript extension for interactive Spotfire Mashups

Last updated:
10:42am Jan 09, 2020


SpiceUp.Ax is a development framework for TIBCO® Spotfire mashups design and development. It allows developers to extend the Spotfire Platform with Web applications servers (e.g Apache Tomcat, Django, J2EE, PHP, Node.js...) and modern JavaScript libraries (Angular, React.js, Vue.js..).

The SpiceUp.Ax Javascript API gives developers a full control on the TIBCO® Spotfire Document object. Developers can easily script the import of data, the creation of new pages and visuals or execute an IronPython on the fly from a simple JavaScript snippet residing in their web application.

Example use cases

Integrate any web application with TIBCO Spotfire®

Build powerful web mashup with full control on the TIBCO Spotfire® engine

Expose advanced forms in the TIBCO Spotfire® context

Keep the TIBCO Spotfire® library under control

TIBCO Spotfire® documents “explosion” and repetitive tasks to maintain templates & documents. With you can script Spotfire complex authoring operation with simple JavaScript instructions.

Turn insights into actions from within TIBCO Spotfire®

Go beyond the Visual Analytics: trigger actions directly from TIBCO Spotfire®

Launch or integrate any 3rd party applications

Bring Data Science to the masses

Guide/Assist end-users in their analytics workflows

Build self-service analytics platforms

Example code

In this example, a Javascript snippet executed in a Web Player Mashup or in the Analyst Web Panel will on-the-fly create a page and a barchart.

    general: {title: 'myBarChart'},
    appearance: {layout: 'sideBySide'},
    trellis: {
        trellisMode: 'Panels',
        panelAxis: { columns: ['CODE'] }
    general: {title: 'myBarChart'},
    valueAxis: {
        individualScalingMode: 'Trellis',
        ranges: [{
            scale: 'SPB 07552',
            min: 0,
            max: 10


Dynamic Authoring

  • Interactively & programmatically build the TIBCO Spotfire® document based on user choices or events in real time
  • Add pages, visuals, data tables, columns, data functions or execute any IronPython script on the fly
  • Encapsulate JavaScript and IronPython snippets into proper web applications following devops best practices

Advanced Mashups

  • Mix existing apps or web components with TIBCO Spotfire®
  • Create rich & interactive analytics guides
  • Use modern web application frameworks to enrich the TIBCO Spotfire® experience with the power of web servers and Javascript libraries. Any web technology can be used: Node.js, Angular, React.js, Django, Flask, Ruby, PHP, J2EE...or just static HTML/CSS

Write Back, Drill Down and Connect

  • Capture user marked records and process them with a web server back-end
  • Expose ad-hoc forms with rich GUI
  • Launch other apps or run windows client apps (Analyst client only)


Contact is an extension developed by Discngine. More info :