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Introduction to the TIBCO Ideas Portal

Last updated:
1:58am Jan 20, 2020

Many of TIBCO product features started as suggestions from customers. Our product managers are often out talking to customers and prospects to learn about your use cases and how we can make our product better suited to your needs.  The TIBCO Idea portal complements in person discussions by making it possible for you to share your product ideas directly with TIBCO product management at any time as well as discuss and vote on ideas submitted by others. By default ideas for all TIBCO products are displayed. To see only ideas for a specific product you can filter by product on the left hand side of the screen. 

You can assign between 1 and 5 votes to indicate which ideas you think are critical and which you think are merely nice to have. By filtering to "my votes" you will only see the ideas you voted on. The total number of votes is displayed along with the number of votes you gave to each idea. 

We can't promise that we will implement every idea but we commit to looking seriously at the top voted items and make an effort to get them implemented if they fit with our overall strategy and product direction.  Often we will also take inspiration from multiple ideas and design a solution that addresses the underlying need rather than just implementing a specific individual request.

Product management will change the status of an idea to implemented when the implementation is generally available in a new product version. We will also make an official comment that describes which version the idea was implemented in and if it isn't obvious we will make a note of how the idea was addressed and where to find more information. Any community user who subscribes to the idea will be automatically notified when the status of an idea changes or when a comment is made. The original idea creator as well as anyone who comments on the idea or votes on it will be automatically subscribed and thus be notified when something changes.

In addition to direct customer visits we've also learned a lot from suggestions that you've submitted through Support over the years. We've aggregated all these requests and published the top 500 by customer count to the idea portal. That means that if you are one of our many customers who've contacted support about your enhancement in the past chances are very good that your request is already in the idea portal. However if you can't find something you care deeply about, please submit it to the idea portal again. That will make it possible for others to see your idea and vote on it which will help raise its visibility with us. Also make sure to subscribe to ideas whose status you want to be notified about. 

Note that the TIBCO Idea Portal is only intended for product ideas. For technical assistance and product issues, please continue reaching out to TIBCO Support.