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How to Submit a Support Request for TIBCO® Cloud Integration

Last updated:
7:39am May 01, 2018

We have provided an abundance of online documentation, videos and tutorials to help you get started and answer many of your questions on how to use the product that can be searched before you submit a support request.  First, check out either the TIBCO Community Answers or the TIBCO Cloud Online Documentation and click on Integration. 

If you have a TIBCO Cloud Integration account, many of tutorials and documentation can be quickly accessed by choosing the help icon to the left of your name on the upper right side of the title bar.

Don’t know where to begin?  Click Find Out! to see what you can do in TIBCO Cloud Integration.

If you don’t find the answer to your question or issue, you have a few options to contact support.  

Scroll towards the bottom of the Help Topic section and click on Contact Support.  This in-app contact support form should only be used for non-critical issues as the response time can be delayed.  Questions submitted via this form cannot be tracked here once they are submitted.  Further below are instructions on how to post a case that is critical in nature.  

If you have a TIBCO plan that includes either Standard or Premium support, then questions submitted through the in-app contact support form can be tracked by registering for an account on the TIBCO support portal (  

When registering with TIBCO Support, provide as much identifying information to help us associate your name with your organization.  We strongly encourage you to register for a TIBCO Support account as soon as your TIBCO Cloud Integration account is provisioned, assuming your organization is on a plan that provides Standard or Premium support.  Otherwise, this could delay your ability to submit an issue, especially a critical issue.

After registering, you will receive an activation email to complete the registration.  Check your spam folder if you don’t receive it.  Once registered, you can track questions posted on the in-app customer support form here, or directly submit cases from here, particularly anything that is critical.  

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