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1:21pm Apr 10, 2019

This page is specifically targeted to individuals and companies that are developing templates and extensions for, an app store for Spotfire.

Why Apps for Spotfire?

Creating apps for a platform is a common paradigm for successful platforms and the next logical step for Spotfire. Because the Spotfire API is exposed, developers have the freedom to extend the platform and growth the capabilities of Spotfire. is a platform for listing and distributing these apps with the purpose of growing the Spotfire and analytics community.

Here is a breakdown of the kinds of templates:

  1. Templates - these are pre-built analyses that be used for any data set. These DXP files come with embedded data that can be replaced with customer data. The templates are designed to solve common workflows.
  2. Extensions - these are tools that extend the Spotfire platform. Extensions provide new functionality to Spotfire by adding visualizations, data connectors, and tools.

Vendor Information

The vision for the future of data science includes a community of pre-built analyses and custom connectors or visualizations to solve everyday problems that companies are facing. provides the front-end submission form for you to manage your product listing, while hosts the file on our Amazon S3 server, manage the marketplace, and takes care of the rest.

Individuals and organizations are invited to submit value-adding templates and extensions to become qualified vendors of


Register. Create a login on our website so that you can manage your submission and listing. Apply. Complete the front-end submission form and send the .dxp or extension file.

Login. Once your submission is accepted, you can set a price and list your product for sale. Review the Vendor Guide for more info.

Manage. Remember to come back and manage your submissions and listing. You can also view your sales from our store.

Spotfire Templates

Templates (.dxp) should be developed for easy download to the desktop to be available on the Author desktop client or the Web Player and Business Author clients. Licensing is not necessary for templates.

General Requirements

A template should have the following basic characteristics:

  • Should be easily customizable.
  • Should include instructions on how to replace data.
  • Should be accompanied by any additional documentation required to improve the customizing experience for the consumer.
  • Should be developed in Spotfire 6.5 or greater.
  • Should not contain document properties that will not work if data is replaced.
  • Should not contain scripts that will not work if data is replaced.
  • Should not contain any viruses.
  • Should not contain any proprietary data for an asset or field that is not publicly available.

Download Requirements

A Spotfire Template is composed of the analysis file and supplementary material. Below is an example architecture of a template download:

  1. T101 Production Charting.dxp (Spotfire Analysis File)
  2. Data/
    1. Monthly Production.xlsx
    2. Well Location.xlsx
  3. T101 README.docx Inside the analysis would be the following pages: