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Examples on how to extend TIBCO Spotfire®

Last updated:
8:15am Sep 18, 2018
Table of Contents

TIBCO Spotfire® can be extended in multiple ways. Attached is a zip containing a DXP demonstrating some examples:

  • Highcharts and D3
  • Custom KPI's via highcharts
  • Iron Python
  • Embedded web pages 


Simply download the dxp and open in Spotfire Analyst.

Requires Spotfire 7.6 (with latest hotfix) and JSViz 3.4 to be installed.

Please refer to the complete overview of how to Extend Spotfire to learn more.


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If we want to use highcharts in any of our spotfire reports,  do we have to pay a separate license cost for highcarts.



ginsu.thomas 5:59am Sep. 18, 2018