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Dr. Jaspersoft Office Hours

Last updated:
9:06am Sep 16, 2022

TIBCO Presents Dr. Jaspersoft

Upcoming Live Session

JasperReports Server Data Snapshots


>> Thursday, October 13th at 9am Pacific / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST


Are you looking to improve the performance of your reports? Join us in this new session where we will walk you through one of the tools under our performance tool belt to speed up your report execution time.   


>> Speakers  :


Navyasri Jaksani : Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer. TIBCO Software Inc.

Badr Draifi : Customer Success Architect. TIBCO Software Inc.

>> Access YouTube Live stream, at the date and time listed above 

>> Register here for email reminders

What is Dr. Jaspersoft?

Dr. Jaspersoft is a program from TIBCO aimed at helping new and advanced users. The program is hosted by Jaspersoft experts in Engineering and Customer Success. The program consists of monthly 30-minute live webinars/sessions to share Jaspersoft best practices, explore deeper topics, and solve unique challenges.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone can attend – and it's free! Our sessions cater to users of all skill levels and backgrounds. You might even create a watch party with your peers and join as a group! We always schedule our sessions on the second Thursday of every month so you can plan ahead.

How Do I Get My Question Answered?

  1. Post your question to the Jaspersoft Community "Answers" section with hashtag #DrJasper
  2. Post your question in one of the social media groups
  3. Email it to if it's business sensitive

Your question will be considered in the next Dr. Jaspersoft Office Hours held on the second Thursday of every month at 9am Pacific.

Previous sessions (YouTube links) and slides

For slides, see the attachments below the article.

01) Domain Best Practices (12/12/19) 

02) Visualize.js Tips & Tricks (1/9/20)

03) Jaspersoft 7.5 Tips & Tricks (2/13/20)

04) SSO - PreAuth Token (3/12/20)

05) WAR File Installation (4/9/20)

06) AWS Quickstart (5/14/20)

07) HTML5 Charts (6/11/20)

08) Visualize.js Dashboard Wiring (7/9/20)

09) Custom Visualization Component (8/20/20)

10) Keystore Management (9/10/20)

11) REST API (10/8/20)

12) Customizations in JasperReports Server (11/12/20)

13) Performance Monitoring in JasperReports Server (12/10/20)

14) Debugging Jaspersoft Source Code (1/14/21)

15) Domain Security Files (2/11/21)

16) Integrating Scheduled Job Output with AWS S3 Buckets (3/11/21)

17) Clustering On-Premise JasperReports Server (4/8/21) 

18) CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) with JasperReports Server (5/13/21) 

19) jasperQL: new query language for Domain-based Reports (6/10/21)

20) JasperReports Performance and Load testing (7/8/21)

21) SSO on JasperReports Server: OpenID Connect using AWS Cognito (8/19/21)

22) Autonomous REST Connector for JDBC: AutoRest Driver (9/9/21)

23) Docker & Kubernetes deployment with JasperReports Server (10/14/21)

24) JasperReports Server deployment demo - Docker & Kubernetes (part 1) (02/10/22)

25) GraphQL data via AutoREST Connector in JasperReports Server (03/10/22)

26) Customize JavaScript with Webpack in JasperReports Server 8 (05/12/22)

27) SSO with OKTA in JasperReports Server (06/09/22)

28) JasperReports Server Data Snapshots (13/10/22)

29) Upcoming: JasperReports Server deployment demo - Docker & Kubernetes (part 2) (soon...)


Image icon drjaspersoftofficehours.png107.93 KB
PDF icon 1._domains_12_12_2019.pdf1.09 MB
PDF icon 2._visualize.js_tips_and_tricks_01_16_20.pdf5.36 MB
PDF icon 3._jaspersoft_7.5_tips_and_tricks_02_13_20.pdf1.66 MB
PDF icon 4._preauth_sso_03_12_20.pdf1.04 MB
PDF icon 5._war_installation_04_09_20.pdf785.37 KB
PDF icon 6._aws_quick_start_05_14_20.pdf634.48 KB
PDF icon 7._html5_charts_06_10_20.pdf489.89 KB
PDF icon 8._visualize.js_dashboard_wiring_07_09_20.pdf597.62 KB
PDF icon 9._cvc_08_20_20.pdf1010.98 KB
PDF icon 10._keystore_09_10_20.pdf1 MB
PDF icon 11._rest_api_10_08_20.pdf1.72 MB
PDF icon 12._customizations_in_jrs_11_12_20.pdf1.72 MB
PDF icon 13._performance_testing_in_jasperreports_server_12_10_20.pdf1.71 MB
PDF icon 14._debugging_jaspersoft_source_code_01_14_21.pdf1.72 MB
PDF icon 15._domain_security_file_02_11_21.pdf1.18 MB
PDF icon 16._integration_with_aws_s3_buckets_03_11_21.pdf1.77 MB
PDF icon 17._clustering_on-premise_jasperreports_server_04_08_21.pdf1.21 MB
PDF icon 18._cors_with_tibco_jasperreports_server_05_13_21.pdf1.91 MB
PDF icon 19._jasperql_new_query_language_for_domain-based_reports_6_10_21.pdf1.77 MB
PDF icon 20._jasperreports_server_performance_and_load_testing_07_08_21.pdf1.82 MB
PDF icon 21._sso_on_jasperreports_server_open_id_connect_using_aws_cognito_08_19_21.pdf1.97 MB
PDF icon 22._tibco_jaspersoft_autonomous_rest_connector_for_jdbc_-_autorest_driver_09_09_21.pdf2.58 MB
PDF icon 23._tibco_jaspersoft_docker_kubernetes_deployment_with_jasperreports_server_10_14_21.pdf1.78 MB
PDF icon 24._deployment_demo_docker_kubernetes_part1_02_10_22.pdf1.63 MB
PDF icon 25._graphql_data_via_autorest_connector_in_jasperreports_server_03_10_22.pdf1.76 MB
Plain text icon graphql-rm.txt610 bytes
PDF icon 26._new_way_customize_javascript_jrs8_05_12_22.pdf1.84 MB
PDF icon 27._sso_with_okta_in_jasperreports_server_06_09_22.pdf2.1 MB