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Departmental Use Cases for Collaboration: Sales

Last updated:
11:49pm Aug 26, 2019
Table of Contents

There are many great use cases for leveraging enterprise social networking (ESN) for sales departments. ESN solutions like tibbr give Sales the ability to quickly sends updates from client site remotely, collaborate on proposals, integrate with SalesForce, and more. This can keep everyone on the same page--no matter where you are.

TIBCO tibbr's Customer Success team shares a few examples of the use cases they've helped create for sales organizations all over the world. Let's take a look!

Use Case #1: Selling as a Team

  • Private subject setup for the prospect
  • Sales team is setup to work on the account
  • Ted (AE) sends Updates coming from client site remotely – team can start working on the solution immediately
  • @ mention feature allows you to call out activities to people – trigger notifications – bringing in someone new to the post (not in the subject)
  • Key information and resources can be setup on announcement area – customer contact info, research, etc.
  • Upcoming meetings / events
  • Client related documents are stored in subject contex
  • Entire space is dedicated to managing the prospect

Use Case #2: Collaborating on Proposals

  • Version one on proposal created by Ryan and posted to box and shared on subject with team – can be used with any doc sharing with
  • All team members can view document without leaving the page – keeping user there
  • Updates can be made to the document directly in Box – link is maintained
  • People being @ mentioned in the thread so that they can be notified of an action / become aware of the post
  • Documents stored in the right


Use Case #3: Getting Updates in Real-time

  • History of the subject
    • using Timeline
    • shows all posts that were made during that period along with new followers
  • Automated updates coming in from Sales force with regards to an opportunity – mapped to a subject
  • Starting from early days of prospect
  • Team is notified of opportunity status change or updates

There are hundreds of use cases for collaboration within sales. Start a free trial for collaboration at, and talk with our experienced team of collaboration experts to make collaboration work for your organization.