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Departmental Use Cases for Collaboration: Marketing

Last updated:
2:17pm Apr 20, 2017


There are many use cases for collaboration related to marketing: collateral development, case study preparation, working more closely with other departments, and more. The TIBCO tibbr® Customer Success team shares a few examples of the use cases they've helped create for marketing departments all over the world. Let's take a look!

Use Case 1: Collaborating On Collateral

  • Private project subject for marketing team to plan and coordinate collateral development
  • Restricted to team members  only
  • Mark the designer has published some brochure designs to the team for feedback in images
  • Denise, the VP of marketing has given her feedback and then Emily mentions Ellen, the copy writer to simplify the content – Ellen gets a notification of the same since she is  mentioned in the reply
  • All corresponding project documents are stored in the subject files for later reference – can also be linked to Box, Google Drive, SharePoint, DropBox, or other document management systems


Use Case 2: More Efficient Meetings

  • Viewing VP of Marketing wall

  • She is seeing updates of her various projects on the wall and sees the meeting invite to discuss in detail the brochure design

  • Meeting has been created using Webex and tibbr calendar feature

  • As it has been posted to the private subject, all followers see the meeting invite and can RSVP or add the event to their outlook calendar

  • Mark has updated the revised version of the document with the latest content from Carl so that everyone can review the document before the meeting and pre-prepare all their feedback and comments – leading to a more productive meeting

  • All other relevant meetings for Denise are shown in the right hand column for upcoming meetings – that she has permission to see


Use Case 3: Event Planning & Management

  • Viewing public subject for event planning a product launch
  • Open subject for anyone to follow, but primarily catering to the marketing events planning team
  • Denise has published some pictures of the event venue options and created a poll at the same time to get people’s votes on which one to choose
  • Other links and documents that are associated to the event planning process are stored in the right hand side for reference
  • Denise has also asked for Carl to share some of the registration stats from the previous year so they can see what they are trying to target
  • Carl shares some interesting charts and data from previous events
  • As it is an open subject, all empoyees are free to express their ideas and thoughts on how to make the event better