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Business Process Management & Analytics

Last updated:
2:55am Sep 14, 2021


Analytics brings big business benefits to Business Process Platforms. You can't improve something you can't measure, it sounds so simple and obvious... But the reality is that many organizations don't implement it well (or at all) and don't give enough priority to that dimension of a project.  These pages aim at going through those benefits and help you get there faster by combining TIBCO® BPM and TIBCO® Spotfire.

Business Benefits

To understand the business benefits, let's take a step back and identify Who consumes Analytics and what's driving their use?

There are also two ingredients that enable those benefits, especially on the business operations side:

  • one is Real-time visibility into not just processes but also all the connected artifacts: Data, Cases, Resources, Skills available, and Events (internal and external) gravitating around those processes.
  • the other is being able to actively change immediately, reducing the time to act.

By doing that, you put analytics as a key element of your “compose for change” design strategy.

  • who consumes Analytics?
  • what are the key questions that are driving their use?
  • what actions they might want to take?

Once we understand these points, we can better target the right service for the right audience.  The right tool for the job: for example, Reporting or Analytics? And then go into the details of the TIBCO® solution.

Use cases

We will explore the following use cases:


Here are a few links to common things you can do when connecting TIBCO® BPM and TIBCO® Spotfire