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TIBCO® BPM Work Management

Last updated:
2:22am Dec 01, 2020

TIBCO® BPM introduces an innovative and powerful solution to address workforce management.

Workforce Management is a combination of

  • Modeling resources 
  • Distributing work: routing the right task to the right resource.
  • Consuming work: the way employees are accessing the tasks they have to complete.
  • Monitoring tasks SLAs to meet customer or business requirements
  • Monitoring resources workload (people, teams, organizations).
  • Taking actions to mitigate risks or optimize business outcomes 

    (resource shortage, approaching SLAs ...)

Workforce Management has a direct impact on Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction.

The Work Distribution Patterns page explains the different business situations where tasks have to be distributed to someone and how to implement a solution in TIBCO BPM. 

Intelligent Business Operations: explains how to use visual analytics to focus on the Work Backlog and Resources Capacity in the context of the business operations and open SLAs

Act on BPM using Visual Analytics describes some use cases where business users can take corrective actions based on their findings using visual analytics. 


Work in progress - Any contribution is welcome!

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