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Blockchain in Combination with Integration, Event Processing and Analytics

Last updated:
12:22pm Sep 08, 2019

Fascinating new technologies are emerging these days. Everybody talks about cloud, containers, big data and machine learning. Another disrupting technology is blockchain. You might have heard about blockchain as the underlying infrastructure of Bitcoin. But Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg. This page shares material to explain the use cases and technical concepts behind blockchain, to give an overview about available services, and to point out why middleware is a key success factor in this space.

Blockchain - The Next Big Thing for Middleware

Integration, Event Processing and Analytics are a key success factor for blockchain projects. The following slide deck and 30min video recording explain the relation between blockchain and middleware, and how you can get started with TIBCO's portofolio.

30min video recording about motivation and use cases of blockchain, its concepts and technologies, and how this is related to middleware:

InfoQ Article about TIBCO Blockchain Hackathon

More details and a discussion about a TIBCO BWCE Hackathon with Ethereum Blockchain is also available.

TIBCO StreamBase + Ethereum Blockchain

Here is a video recording showing TIBCO StreamBase and Ethereum Blockchain combined to do Streaming Analytics:


Read more about the TIBCO blockchain solution.