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Best Practice for TIBCO Partners creating Wiki pages

Last updated:
2:11pm Apr 16, 2020


TIBCO encourages all partners to contribute their technical expertise to the TIBCO user Community. Did you know that you can create your own wiki pages on This page explains how to do this. Typically the first content you publish is a listing on our partner page, to explain the expertise you deliver to TIBCO customers. Next, you create your own Wiki page with tips & tricks type content or relevant industry use-case insights that benefit TIBCO software users and developers. You link this page back to your partner listing as illustration of your work.

We also enjoy collaborating with partners on technical blogs or contributions to webinars, Meetups and other events to create visibility of the technical expertise. 

Rules of Engagement

  • You (TIBCO partner) have identified a TIBCO employee to work with to review your ideas for sharing content (typically a TIBCO technical expert or your TIBCO partner contact)
  • The content you share enables and/or inspires technical users using TIBCO Software
  • The TIBCO Community is a public platform, everything you publish is public - do not upload any confidential or sensitive data 
  • The TIBCO Community gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise to TIBCO software users - it is not intended as a marketing platform or sales tool, we do not supply user information. If your content is not directly helping users to solve a technical or business problem, its probably not a good fit for this platform. The idea is that if the TIBCO software users like your content and its helping them, the cross-linked partner information should allow them to seek contact with you directly. 

QuickStart and FAQ

  • Start by reviewing the video at the top of this page.
  • Include good examples, tips & tricks and any visuals that may complement your information on your Wiki page
  • Check out the other 'how to use the TIBCO Community' articles listed on the main TIBCO Community Wiki page
  • If you are interested in contributing a technical blog please review these Blog Writing Tips and discuss with your TIBCO contact
  • Also: your contributions to answering questions are very much appreciated - its a great way to show off your expertise and knowledge of TIBCO Software! 

For feedback, questions or suggestions for further info you can submit a question and include the url to this page, contact the Author of this page by clicking on the name at the top or speak with your TIBCO partner contact.