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11:30am Apr 08, 2020
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Accencio® logo

Welcome to the Accencio® TIBCO® Community page!

We are a IP intelligence technology and strategic services company working with molecular based industries and research organizations, offering easy-to-use, understand, and share visual products and expert consulting services to research scientists, business development and licensing and legal professionals, helping them find solutions and answer key business questions faster and more cost-effectively by looking at data through an IP lens.

See IP differently- data through an IP lens

Millions of dollars are invested every year in the development of IP within molecular based industry and research which has potential value but produces no return. At the same time molecular research scientists are constantly searching for new or improved solutions to problems, old and new. Our easy-to-use, understand, and share visual products and expert consulting services provide a new way of accessing the powerful intelligence and support needed to identify and realize hidden value and find novel solutions to difficult challenges. We help our customers find the best, previously-unexplored research and business opportunities, get a clearer view of what competitors are doing and gain a better understanding of the global IP space, and then support as much or as little as needed to make the most of what they find.

Next generation IP technology

We offer our interactive visualization products and analyses to our customers via our AccencioView™ innovation platform using the analytic power of TIBCO® Spotfire-  replacing long hours with unwieldy documents and spreadsheets with easy-to-understand and share intelligence. 

Using our technology- Medicinal chemists: finding target relevant candidates faster

Our IP-GeoScape™ tool maps the relationships between molecular IP on a structural basis, which means it can be used both in drug retargeting efforts and new molecule research. It helps research scientists better understand the competitive space associated with a biological target and know how to create specific molecules predicted to hit the receptor, enabling them to smartly design molecules that fall within areas not currently being explored by others. The technology can also be used to look for relationships between advanced clinical or marketed molecules patented for one indication, and molecules claimed to interact with particular biological target of another- offering new ideas for drugs that could be re-targeted for use in treatment of other conditions.  

IRAK4 IP-GeoScape™ image

>> Click HERE to view video of our IP-GeoScape™ tool walkthrough

>> Click HERE to visit our website and find out more about what we do

Our COVID-19 Project

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world in unforeseen ways, many companies and organizations are offering their products, services and time to the benefit of humanity.  In an effort to help researchers better understand this virus and to help with the many efforts to develop effective treatments for those infected, Accencio®, in collaboration with a number of data and technology partners, including TIBCO, is engaged in a multiphase project to provide information, visualizations and analysis relevant to COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 free of charge to any/all researchers working in the area, specifically those searching for potential effective treatments.

Our project is 2 phase:

Phase 1: Support retargeting efforts: Accencio® is currently in the process of applying our IP-GeoScape™ technology and methods to support COVID-19-relevant drug retargeting efforts. The project involves identifying any relationships between existing advanced clinical or marketed molecules- i.e. molecules that have already gone through some of the required safety and clinical tests required before they can be used in active treatment- and molecules claimed to/believed to interact with validated COVID-19 biological targets, with the hope we might be able to offer some new ideas for drugs that could be re-targeted for use in COVID-19 patients. The results of this analysis will be provided free of charge through a combination of reports and webinars to any/all researchers working in the area searching for potential effective treatments.

Phase 2: Facilitate the search for new drug candidates: Accencio® plans to support researchers working on longer term projects looking for wholly new molecular candidates for COVID-19 treatment by providing the relevant visualizations and analyses that we produce to these researchers, at no cost, for direct independent use to help them find those potential new treatments in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.