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Time Off On Jaspersoft CE 8.00 Server From Certain Historical Scheduled Reports

Historically we were on maybe 7.2.0 and upgraded to 7.8.0. 7.8.0 had a major bug where hte parameters are saved in the system but aren't shown correctly in schedules so you end up breaking your reports when you edit one thing from them so we recently upgraded to 8.0.0.

We have a high security area who needs correct reports for governmental records. They emailed that their eamiled report schedules have been off for an hour and I ran the report and it looked fine and said I think things are fixed with the 8.0.0. upgrade but was written back and told that was not the case. I scheduled my email on their report and saw the issue. I deleted the schedule, re-added the same parameters/settings and everything is good today.

We have a lot of other scheduled reports that could potentially be affected by this. The SQL statement was not changed, nothing in the DB its pulling from is wrong, its fully a latent issue sitting in the schedule that happened here. Is this a known bug?