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SSO Based Server Discovery Failing!!!

Hi All,

I have an SPO Server running on the network. I want to find out the server information by doing a typical SSO based Discovery. The method getNodes() fails. Even when I specify the UDP port on which I am sure the SPO Server is listening!!!So I thought maybe theres some LAN related issue. So I tried verifyNode(), blindly and then with the UDP Port which I checked from the services file.

Would really really appreciate if anyone could point out whats wrong!!!


Sandeep Phukan

Code Chunk:

import java.util.Enumeration;


import com.staffware.sso.jbase.*;

import com.staffware.sso.util.*;

import java.util.Vector;

class discovery {

sNodeManager manager=null;

vNode[] serverObjects=null;

int[] udpPorts={44440};

public discovery(){


manager=new sNodeManager((short)5);


//First try a UDP Broadcast Method



for(vNode node:serverObjects){



//Then try a Directed UDP Broadcast Method


vNode Node=manager.verifyNode("machine_name","node_name");


}catch(vException vex){

System.out.println("Discovery Error="+vex);



public static void main(String[] a){

new discovery();




Discovery Item not found. Requested No

de did not respond. Client Log may have additional info.

p.s. I believe this excpetion is being thrown by the verifyNodes() method.

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