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Service instance status marked as unknown after some time

Hello everyone,

We have a domain running EMS 8.0, TRA 5.10 and BW 5.13 on two kind of servers (RHEL and AIX). Our RHEL servers host the Tibco Admins, while the AIX servers host the EMS servers and the BWEngines. The Hawk Agents use the EMS connection to communicate (option -ems in the hawkagent.cfg).

When we start the whole domain, there are no problems. But after a while (sometimes a day, sometimes a week), when connecting to the Tibco Administrator, all service instances are shown as "Unknown status". The machines are still in "OK" status in the Machines view, and we can still launch commands using the Hawk Consoles.

Currently, to solve this issue, we have whether to restart the Hawk Agents, or (in some cases) restart all the processes on the AIX servers.

Have you already met this issue ? What can we do to solve this permanently ?

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