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Out of memory error on startup


Trying to start the tgdb server for the first time using OOTB config files on OSX:

./tgdb -i -f -c  ./tgdb.conf

I get an error due to out of memory, according to Activity Monitor I have 8 Gb free and the config is allocating the minimum 4Gb.

Here's the end of the log on startup:

[2016-05-21 07:49:43.717][*Cons*][user.7fff723c1000][tgmem.c:_tg_swsmem_allocatePhysicalMemory:132]:Calling _tg_platform_canAllocateAndBlockMemory

[2016-05-21 07:49:43.717][*Cons*][user.7fff723c1000][platform.h:_tg_platform_canAllocateAndBlockMemory:173]:Real Memory : 17179869184 and Requested : 0

[2016-05-21 07:49:43.717][Info][user.7fff723c1000][initdb.c:tg_server_createDatabase:58]:Initializing on platform:Darwin-15.4.0 Mics-MacBook-Pro.local x86_64

[2016-05-21 07:49:43.717][*Cons*][user.7fff723c1000][tgserver.c:_tg_server_initializeMemoryManager:123]:Failed to initialize heap memory - System error :22 - Invalid argument

Failed to Initialize Memory Manager:TGOutofMemory

Am I perhaps using the wrong combination of flags?




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