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Next Job not always starting when chaining DTS jobs together

Hi Everyone,


I have a 42 step routine chaining Scribe DTS jobs together using the "DTS Settings" and entering the "next job" for each routine to run. The main focus of the routine is to migrate data from an ERP system to our CRM Online instance. There are at least 10 different entities that may be touched, and each entity has a couple pre/post steps in addition to actually inserting/updating the ERP information in CRM.


The overall routine works "most of the time". But there have been occasions where one of the DTS jobs will complete successfully, but the next job simply won't start.


The time of day the job runs can vary - the first job looks for a certain record to exist in a CRM entity with certain criteria. If the record is found, the remaining jobs are triggered one after another, if not, the first routine checks again every 3 minutes.


I've looked for server errors that happen to coincide with the times where a job isn't fired. I haven't setup a trace at this point as there could be a few weeks between one instance of this happening and the next.


The name of the each job that is linked is hardcoded (i.e. not using any variables).


Is there any suggestions on tracking this down?


Thanks in advance,


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