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Installation issue - Creation of SCRIBEINTERNAL database


I am installing scribe into a Development Environment (v6.5), and whilst I have managed to sucessfully managed to install onto the dedicated server (Win 2008 x64) I am having a problem when attempting to create the SCRIBEINTERNAL database on the SQL server (Win 2008 x64, SQL 2008)

When opening the Scribe Internal Database Maintenance Utility and selecting 'Install Internal Database' I am presented with the usual wizard.

I enter the sa username/password for the SQL server, select the instance I want to install on (leaving everything else as default). I then get the pop-up confirming that the SCRIBE user will have its password overwritten.

After this, I can see the status bar say it's created the database, and is attempting to create tables. However when it does this it throws the error:

Error opening data source ScribeInternal_MS. Source: ADP

[08003] SQL call failed. Connection not open. Source: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]

I can't see anything else within the Event viewer.

On the SQL Server, I can see the SCRIBEINTERNAL database, with the SCRIBE login, but no tables or anything else.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I did a search on the knowledgebase, and could see other people experiencing it, but no resolutions have worked for me.



Posted by Ben B. on Jan 22 2010 3:13PM { U1449 , F8 , T1100 , C3200 }

(4) Answers