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If one webplayer can support two differenct domains under SSO

Hi All,

Here I raised a problem.

Webplayer config


<javascriptapi domain="xxxxxxxxxx" enabled="true"></javascriptapi>

Currently, as we known, if we setup SSO from client to webplayer, it needs to setup the full same domain -- the domain we access the client and the domain config in webplayer config, like ; Here we config the domain in webplayer config as


Also, per checking the webplayer document, it can setup the domain, but it is different sub domain between client and webplayer config, like and In this case, we can config the domain in webplayer config as


Here is my question, if we can setup two different domains to fulfil the SSO. for example, one client domain is, another one is So if the webplayer can support for this two domains under SSO from two client. Thanks.


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