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I fundamentally do not understand how to enter 3D data

I have many CSV files with 3D data that I need to make contour plots. I am trying to do this with Statistica Academic version 13 on Windows 10 Student.

I must have a profound misunderstanding on how to copy or manually enter data for 3D data. I 'get' that you are supposed to have each column header be the variables. What I do not  understand is how you enter the Z data. I have attached a sample 3D data set entered into excel. The color is not important to the data, I just did that to make it clear what axis I am refering to. 

Can someone help me on this conceptual basis? I have searched online and looked at the manual, but this is so a ‘basic’ issue that I am having that it doesn't seem like anyone has considered it. 

Heck, I do not even see "Statistica" listed as a Product down below. I'm completely lost!




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